10 Years and Ghandi’s Birthday…

I had no idea today was Ghandi’s birthday but according to Google, that is the case.

This day is special for me for another reason; 10 years ago I said, “I do” to the wife thereby sacrificing my freedom. I admit, I did so knowing entirely what I was getting into. I was completely wrong, of course, I had no idea at all what I was getting into but 10 years later I’m a husband and father – there is no trading that for anything.

I remember the day clearly, even though it was cloudy and overcast – which is great for pictures by the way. I remember it seemed like that day flashed by in an instant. Not being overly religious we went with a non-denominational Christian wedding so the ceremony itself was pretty short. That was probably a good thing because as the ceremony started I realized that I really had to pee.

The location was a maple farm so there were a lot of colors there in the fall; gold, yellow, orange and reds on the trees and ground – since the leaves were falling. All in all, it was a beautiful day. Our guests had a good time since the wife’s step father filled a punch bowl with a secret alcholic reciped. I think most of the wedding party was hammered by the time we got back from doing photos. We had an open bar but had a donation jar there so if people were inclined to pay something for their drinks they could (yes, the bill for the bar was pretty huge, but most of the donations covered it). The food was fantastic! I remember wanting to get seconds but it wasn’t possible due to the busy nature of the day.

Back to the 10 year anniversary, I’ll admit was I a little unsure what to get for it because we don’t usually make a big deal out of anniversaries. I thought I might ambush her with 10 dozen roses but that is sort of over done and a certain someone convinced me it was wasteful, even from the side of the florist. I ended up ordering a specific arrangement of flowers with fall colors to reflect the time of year we got married, some Belgium Truffles and 10 balloons which will be delivered to her at work – something I know she wants. I asked her if she wanted to do lunch but she was worried she wouldn’t have room for dinner tonight if we did that.

Part of me really wanted to book a trip somewhere but I’m really hesitant to leave the boys with anyone for a length of time and later on in the month we’re supposed to be headed off for a friend’s wedding out of town and we’ll be leaving the boys with my sister – doing that twice didn’t really seem like a good idea.

With the way my luck works, there was almost a problem with my plans. Yesterday she woke up with a head cold in full bloom so I panicked about whether she was going into work or not today. I encouraged her to stay home and warned her not to do work, sleep all day instead. Amazingly, she listened.

She has an issue with being idle. It’s so bad she often can’t sleep sometimes. She just has to be doing something and the slightest spec of dust will give her the urge to vacuum the whole house.

This morning she was feeling better, though I feel something coming on now, so she’s off to work. I’m not sure when the gift will arrive, they don’t book specific times they book parts of the day – I’m hoping for early but we’ll see. I’m sure I’ll get a call soon after they arrive.


2 thoughts on “10 Years and Ghandi’s Birthday…

  1. >> She has an issue with being idle. It’s so bad she often can’t sleep sometimes. She just has to be doing something and the slightest spec of dust will give her the urge to vacuum the whole house.

    If you’re ever in Florida, she should definitely visit.

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