Ding 80! Again…

Smaken hit 80 on Saturday. I celebrated by burning off all the fireworks you get by mail in Ironforge then proceeded to see what gear I could buy him on the Auction House (or craft). He’s now kitted out with all blues except his gloves, which are purple, and his gun, which is green.

I started working on the Tourney quests and factions. Soon he should be a Champion of Ironforge and working his way towards acquiring the Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan:

Now that’s a dwarven gun! It’s even got a hammer on it! I’ll need one more day to be able to represent a city and a few more days after that to collect enough Crusader Seals to buy it. I can probably speed that up with running Heroic Trials of the Champion (5 man) but I’m worried about my DPS for doing that instance.

I do need to start hitting heroics when I can so I can get some Emblems of Conquest together and buy up some epic gear. His Skinning is capped and his Leatherworking isn’t too far behind. I need to level up his DPS pets who lagged behind while I was leveling with my pet bear. Then I’ll need to get some decent enchants going as well as some epic gems. Oh, and then there is all the reputation he needs to get. If I go with a bare minimum then I would need Sons of Hodir (for the shoulder Inscription) and Ebon Blade (for the Arcanum of Torment) reputations.

That’s going to be some work. I’m debating doing that over the week I’m off instead of leveling my Priest from 71-80 but I’ll see. At the moment, Lannister is still my priority though I’m getting a small amount of pressure to switch to ranged DPS for two reasons.

First, as a Hunter, DPS is what you do so you’re equiped to do it well from a raw abilities stand point (I was hitting about 1800-1900 DPS in Heroic Violet Hold on some boss fights). All three of your specs are about how you do DPS, there is no hybrid to this – you’re pure ranged DPS. This differs from the Paladin class which is a hybrid with potential to heal, tank or be a damage dealer – something has to give.

Second, we don’t seem to have a lot of raiding Hunters at the moment. There are Hunters, but they don’t seem to raid or seem to be missing. Hunters can add a few things to a raid like raid-wide DPS increase from a wolf pet (I believe it is still raid-wide?) and they can make pulling a little easier with Misdirection. Traps can also make some things a little easier (like Faction Champions battle).

So it is tempting.

On another note, I got to raid Onyxia with Lannister last night. We took  her down with the first attempt and even picked up the achievement for no one in raid taking damage from the Deep Breath ability she fires (see what I did there?). Drops were okay, but I don’t remember what they were. I think we ended up disenchanting them.

UFTimmy won the bag (he hax!).

We ended up doing ToC raid which consists of 5 encounters. The first one is facing off against several beasts that are found in Northrend. I was going to describe it, but instead you can take a look (TankSpot videos – gotta love them).

Northrend Beasts:

Lord Jaraxxus:

Faction Champions:

Twin Valkyris:

(I died over half way through this to some of the balls that bounce around the area)


I thought the mini-cinematic for this was pretty cool. It was a, “Good will lose because good is stupid” moment.

By the end of the night I had over 30 Emblems of Triumph (I gained about 18 from the raid) which was enough for me to pick up the Paladin Libram of Valiance which was the biggest single upgrade I could get without overcoming the random factor (i.e. does it drop in the raid? do I win on the roll?). I believe next on my upgrade list are Rings, then the T9 Legs and finally the Helm and Chest items.

Definitely a good night!


2 thoughts on “Ding 80! Again…

  1. I don’t know about the main group, but group run#2 last night just had me as ranged dps in ToC. I tried to crank out as much as could, but I’m not as geared as everyone else. I was underwhelming at best lol.
    Fortunately, I got a nice caster belt out of there (thanks to UFTimmy) and ummmm Onyxia’s oversized sack!

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