I Felt Like a Doctor…

… performing surgery.

Early Saturday morning I decided it was a good time (since the wife and kids were out of the house) to install the new (second hand) ASUS 4870 HD card I bought from a friend.

I cracked open the box to take a look at the card and was surprised to see it would require two power connections instead of the one the 3870 HD required. It was a cool looking card – there is a pun there but you won’t know it unless you know the card. For a cooling system it had one fan that looks to fed four different pipes. It is pretty damn quiet too.

I popped open my case and removed the old card, no real issue. I then slotted the new card and realized it was going to be a real bitch to get two connections to it. I had to clip a tie holding one out of the way (there was also velcro holding them all together) to get the second connector out but the second mass of cables was in the way. With some choice wording and some creativity I managed to get both connectors plugged in.

Fired it all up, installed the drivers I downloaded and gave it a reboot. Everything was fine.

I started up WoW and turned up all the settings except ground clutter (I don’t really like a lot of ground clutter) and shadows. Everything looked okay, a little better than what I had with the 3870. I then took it for a test run around Dalaran – no problems.

Now, granted it wasn’t during peak times, but I’ve since raided and run around while Dalaran was pretty full – no problems either time.

I like it so far. I might have to try it out with some newer, non-mmo, game. Or not. I just have too much to do in WoW to bother.


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