FTC and Me…

Interesting. I just saw this post over on Tobold’s (I lurk and skim) and my first thought was; I’m not American – neener neener!

Of course, things are never that simple. I see in some of the comments that Tobold believes that because the hosting site is American he has to abide by the FTC or they can force his site to have the plug pulled. Now if the host wasn’t on American soil that would be a different story.

I have a hard time with people telling me what I can and cannot say, especially when it isn’t even some aspect of my elected government. Now there are some things just don’t say because it’s completely idiotic or might cause harm or panic; I wouldn’t do that sort of thing. But this isn’t about what you can and can’t say, it’s more about what you should say.

I don’t have a problem with saying the following:

I have never recieved any endorsements, up front previews or beta access with any known agreement to review it.

All contents of these posts are thanks to applying to betas and getting lucky (mass invites or open beta access) or they show up after a game is released and I’ve bought it with my own money.

I have never been approached with any deals to review a game, I do so out of my own interests and when the mood strikes me. I have been asked to advertise someone’s site with promise of money but I ignored it because, quite frankly, their site sucked.

All that said, my current addiction is WoW and I get no benefits or perks or what ever for talking about WoW. If I can hang on and resist hopping to MMOs, it’ll likely continue to be so for awhile longer.


2 thoughts on “FTC and Me…

  1. I’ve recieved stuff from companies, but all I said was thanks. From what I read, the pros can get stuff and not tell but the little man doing it for free has too. It doesn’t make sense. I think the paid media is hurting and the free media is stealing their swag, so they are lining the FTCs pockets to make bull plop rules.

  2. I’d have to read the ruling myself before I get into a tizzy about it. Really it just sounds like a way to protect consumers by having reviewers disclose whether they took the initiative to review a game or whether they were asked by the developer to dink with it.

    I can’t really see how saying “x sent my y and I though it sucked” is really much different than “I tried y and and though it sucked”. Either way, it still sucked. At least that seems to be the gist of most game reviews I’ve seen lately hehe.

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