Sometimes You Just Have to Focus…

… on DPS.

We downed Hodir on (10 man) Hard Mode yesterday. It’s a speed kill and we did it with 20 seconds to spare. My DPS weighed in around 5200-5600 – there was a damage buff involved, but still.

I wasn’t planning on raiding, but I popped on to finish up some Dailies for Smaken (Ebon Blade stuff) when Tim asked me if I wanted to step in for Hodir. I was really relluctant simply because I knew once I was raiding I’d wake up and keep at it. I figured, I’ll pop in because I like the Hodir fight then pop out and leave Tim his spot.

One of our healers left so there was now a spot for Tim (a.k.a. Twobits – the Canadian in me wants to call him  Timbits) who hopped back in.

Off we went to try Thorim in Hard Mode. We took about four or five cracks at  him before calling it. We got pretty close each time, we had him under 600k before we wiped it up.

My DPS was a little suspect but I was trying to becareful about the adds because on of my earlier deaths was due to agroing the adds before the second tank could get that sorted out – not his fault, I jumped the gun. I think it also took a hit because I was trying too hard to help out; dropping SSes on the offtank, burning my Art of War buff on Flash Heal when Exorcism was down and stuff like that. Now both of those are instant cast with no cooldown that I’ve noticed but they still cost mana and one point I was actually almost out of mana entirely which hurt DPS.

Our last attempt was pretty good except we suddenly lost a ton of people to Chain Lightning so it was done for. Or was that the attempt before that one? I wonder how much it would have helped having a Hunter there running nature resist? 🙂

By the time we ended raiding, it was after 1am and by the time I logged off it was 1:30am.

Good stuff.


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