Something Important to Say…

I had something important, or at least interesting, to say but I’ve completely forgotten what it was so I’ll talk about WoW instead, k?

Apparently Blizzzard will be doing another gear reset in patch 3.3 where they’ll release the new instances for Icecrown Citadel. By gear reset, I mean they are adding another set of emblems (Emblems of Frost) which will drop only in the new raids and as a reward for the Daily Raid quests which you can only do Weekly.

Once again, WoW players have screwed up the meaning a word, applying “daily” to something that is weekly.

On top of that, they’re switching it so that all instances (heroic ones) in WotLK will drop Emblems of Triumph. This means those Emblems of Conquest will no longer be dropping, instead you’ll have to convert your EoTs to EoCs to EoVs if you want to get some of the lower gear… oh okay, you can even take it one step further if you REALLY wanted to and convert the EoVs to EoHs.

Guess that means a whole new tier set and possibly some newer items for slots that will have been neglected as far as emblems go – namely the wrist slot.

Please… PLEASE! For the love of all things that make sense! Blizzard, reduce the cost on some of the lower tier items that used to cost EoHs, EoVs and soon EoCs!

I’ve got mixed feelings about this because it really is starting to feel like I’m chasing gear every couple of months. For those who doubt that, I got the OMFG GET A LIFE ACHIEVEMENT (otherwise known as the, “1000 Dungeon & Raid Emblems” achievement). What can I say? I love dungeons/instances.

On the other hand, I’m really starting to lean towards switching my main spec to the Hunter and this could help if I’m not ramped up by the time this patch comes out. I admit, I have some reservations about switching to the Hunter, which I mentioned previously, but let me add on: no healing mechanism for themselves – I sorely miss that for AoEs because I had some minor control over that when playing a Paladin.

Back to patch 3.3 – is it really a patch or is it delivering features that should have been there when WotLK released? They’re adding on all this stuff – and it is fun stuff – but shouldn’t it have been included from the start? Start being WotLK release.

I realize Blizzard does tend to add content on after the fact but shouldn’t this stuff, which has ties to the lore/quests/factions that was released have been there already?

Ulduar. Tourney. Icecrown Citadel.

Are they going to add on some more raids under Wyrmrest Temple? There are those other doors at the bottom that aren’t open yet…

Maybe I’m a little off on this one, but it just seems like A LOT of the content that should have been included on release was added well after the release.

Does anyone know if some other game pushed their hand to release WotLK earlier than expected?



5 thoughts on “Something Important to Say…

  1. For those who doubt that, I got the OMFG GET A LIFE ACHIEVEMENT (otherwise known as the, “1000 Dungeon & Raid Emblems” achievement).

    Ohhhh, that was you? You got this about 1 min after I got the 25 emblems achievement. lol

  2. Its an interesting point about WoTLK, I do indeed think it was released unfinished but they made it hard for themselves by making it so damn easy to level. Think of the amount of ‘wasted content’ in WoTLK which is ignored or wasted, hell I hardly touched some zones on both my 80 paladin and rogue. If they had slowed down the levelling process then I think they would have just about got away with the poor ‘end game’ at launch but alas that wasnt the case which is surprising since WoW seems to be pushing out the boat of ‘Raiding is King’

  3. I don’t mind that there are some areas left unexplored, it increases the replayability because next character I run through WotLK can go a different route and have some new experiences. I do agree that parts of it goes pretty quickly though.

    The lower end game has definitely been made a lot faster – now I miss out and three or four of the zones in TBC (Blade’s Edge, Netherstorm, Nagrand and that shadow-something place…).

    I don’t think they’re moving towards “Raiding is King”, if that really was the case, they wouldn’t be making Arthas accessible to 5 man groups like they said they will be doing in 3.3.

    (I’m taking a tangent and bringing what Gordon from We Fly Spitfires says about raiding: )

    Raiding also isn’t what it used to be. You can do any of the raids in WotLK with 10 people instead of 24, 25 or 40 or 72.

    If your guild plans well and is organized, you can easily do a lot of the raid content in one week. In our guild, we have started running Onyxia and CC:ToC with two different teams at staggered start times. Group A raids at 8pm server time until about 10pm when the second group starts up. Alts from Group A fill out any missing holes in Group B.

    You can also split of the raid content easier.

    Running Naxx? Hit up three of the quarters the first night and do the last quarter and two final bosses the next raid night.

    Running Ulduar? Split up the bosses you do into different nights.

    There is no mechanic in place that demands you raid for an excessive amount of time, people just tend to. In fact, if you can’t get these places done in one week (for what ever reason) you can extend the saved time another week.

    I mostly disagree with what Gordon says about tanking raids being different from takning 5 mans – really there isn’t much of a difference other that sometimes needing to move the mob you’re tanking or switching with another tank at certain points. The mechanics for building and holding agro are the same. Requiring moving and sharing agro are differences, but they’re not overly complicated differences. IMO.

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