Scary Sounds…

While I was mucking around with Smaken doing some dailies for Hodir faction I started hearing some pretty unpleasent sounds from inside my computer.

My first thought was the fan is dying.

I shut down and popped open the lid then looked around and couldn’t see anything. I fired it up again and heard the sound but couldn’t tell which fan was the offending one – I’ve got four fans in one area; cpu, video card, rear and top fans. I turned it off again, since I was sure I was smelling burning.

I poked around inside checking wires and discovered one that wasn’t attached to anything and it was under the video card.

Ah ha! That was the source of the sound. One of the wires slipped down and the video card fan was clipping it. I wrapped the wire up carefully and out of the way and fired it up again.

All is well.

The burning smell? Haha, I can hear the jokes now… well, the wife had started a fire in the fireplace upstairs.


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