Main Switch…

I finally decided on switching my main character to Smaken yesterday. I’ve been bouncing the idea around since I faction/server transferred him off of Firetree (PVP) and leveled him up to 80. I just like the Hunter class too much.

The main reason I made Lannister was that I didn’t really want to level another Hunter up and there was no faction transfer (the guild on Rexxar was Alliance while Smaken was originally an Ork ). I fiddled around with a Hunter alt but just couldn’t get into leveling it.

Long story short, my DPS has been a bit suspect as Lannister, although it has gotten better with some gear switches and items I purchased. Still, it just wasn’t as much fun as playing the Hunter. Downside of melee DPS is you can’t be as mobile and there are a lot of bosses that almost punish you for having too many melee types. Ranged DPS was definitely a nice change.

After the switch, I raided with NInefold Dragons and we downed Onyxia and moved on to CC:ToC where we did really well – we actually one shot Faction Champions. Playing the Hunter was a lot of fun and despite my gear I put up some numbers that were close to what Lannister did which is scary. I ended up walking away with a lot of upgrades and enough Emblems of Triumph to get my T9 gloves.

Net result? I was at around 3400 gear score, now I’m almost 4000. I’ve made a few upgrades since last night (already) but I’ve still got blues; chest, head, legs, boots and a trinket.

Tim was laughing at my gear last night, noting it was a mix of quest, emblem and some pretty high end raid gear. It does seem a little funny to have Item Level 175 gear mixed in with some Item Level 232 stuff. Oh, and I still don’t have the epic flying skill, though I did win a Bronze Drake from H CoS (everyone else had it).

I’m off for this week and the next so I probably won’t post too much since it will be more of the same WoW stuff. I thought I’d be able to farm the crap out of Heroics and replace my blues with purples but there doesn’t seem to be any healers on in the morning.

Lazy bastiges. You can have your sleep when I misdirect to you on a boss fight and you take a dirt nap!

(I haven’t done that yet, I’ve joked about it and accidentally MDed to a mage but mobs were mostly dead so no worries there.)


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