Muscial Interlude: Ride the Cliche…

In dedication to the wedding I was at this weekend. Ever notice how many cliches are thrown around during weddings? After going to them for awhile they all seem sort of the same. I suspect I’ll end up spouting some cliches when my boys get married, but that’s a ways off. WAY WAY OFF.

It was a nice wedding, up in resort north of Toronto. Lots of trees all over the mountains/hills changing colors. Food was pretty good, though expensive when we ate in the restaurant – 150$ expensive just for us two. I think the only night I went to bed sober was… okay, so I didn’t go to bed sober at all that weekend.

The kids stayed with their aunt and uncle while we were away. Apparently they were perfect angels which changed as soon as they saw us. It was a nice break, but I definitely missed them both. That’s the first time we’ve been away from them (overnight) in about 4 years. We were really nervous because of Little Big Ogre’s allergies to egg and most animals (his aunt and uncle have two dogs) but he was fine while there, even played around with one of the dogs. Poor guy, he’d love to have a dog but between his allergies and his mother’s allergies, it isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

One more wedding to go this year then I should be good for a few years.


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