Sad Ogre… err… Dwarf…

I had my first completely fail PUG last night. I’ve had several come close, usually with someone freaking out and dropping from group in a fit. We replaced them and prevailed.

Not this time.

It just wasn’t going to happen.

We had three first timers to Halls of Lightning (Heroic); the healer (holy pally) and two DPS (one a druid the other a hunter). The tank was a Warrior who seemed okay but tended to rush a bit given that the healer seemed to be playing using a Novation CAT. The druid wandered into adds and fun things like that.

But I’ll give them credit, they stuck it out and would have kept trying until I pulled the plug.

I don’t like the kind of people that drop groups because they’re getting no where, but it was really damn clear it just wasn’t going to happen.


The tank was fine.
My DPS was way above par for the group (3k DPS).
The other hunter was pulling under 900 DPS.
The druid was a little weak on group abilities, I suspect he/she was  a new 80 – I don’t mind that, really, I don’t.
The healadin was healing her/himself and the tank leaving the DPS out to dry.

Needless to say, the DPS died then the healer died, then the tank died.

All four attempts on Loken.

I’m not even talking about the deaths on the way to Loken – which the Druid clearly had the record for by dying on almost every fight, even some trash fights.

Again, I give them credit for trying and we made little jokes – okay, I made little jokes – but coming away with a win wasn’t going to happen.

There you go, this is the first time I’ve walked away from a Heroic Daily without scoring the quest item – I love dungeons, even the ones most people don’t want to do! (Except maybe Oculus, but even that one is sort of fun.)

It’s also the first time I’ve initiated bailing on a group because it was just not working.

I believe I did it nicely, I was polite, I apologized, wished them good luck and went on my way.

You’re really mean, H00ligan. Really. Evil. You can stay.


5 thoughts on “Sad Ogre… err… Dwarf…

  1. Honestly, your experience made me feel guilty for having such a great PUG.
    We hit HoL, VH, and CoS last night; my first time for both VH and CoS. I never expected that.

  2. I’ve been on vacation for the last two weeks and PUGing Heroics most of that time when there were people actually looking for DPS. I managed to get into a good number of PUGs with none of them failing. As I said, we had some people /ragequit from the group but we replaced them and made stuff dead.

    While I was in the shower this morning I remembered the alternate strat for dealing with Loken. It’s sad that I thought about that in the shower but the other strat is to move down to the next area when he starts his lightning nova which would have eliminated the need for the poor Holy Paladin to heal the whole group.

    I’m not sure why the tank didn’t think of it either, I guess we were both just too used to playing in groups where the majority of players are not new to level 80. Like I said, being new to 80 isn’t a bad thing and I love grouping with new 80s, I just think in this case there were too many in the group hehe.

    Gratz on VH and CoS 🙂 Did you win the bronze drake? I had that thing sitting in my bank for awhile before I could afford the Epic Flying on Smaken.

  3. It wasn’t too long ago that I was a new 80, so I remember what its like. But you’re right, too many in 1 group can be bad.
    Yeah, I got the drake by default. Everyone else already had it, so I’m not sure what the speed run was for…but I’ll take it! 🙂

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