Paladins Beaten by Nerfbat…

It seems they’re taking the foam part off the Nerfbat and just whipping Paladins with the tube underneath that foam.

A couple of changes coming are:

Sacred Shield (has a 30 second duration) now only procs once every 30 seconds. They’ve added a two-point talent to drop this back down to procing once every 6 seconds.

Minor ouch. From what I heard, a lot of Holy Paladins have a lot of talent points left over to play with so this will give them something worth investing in and it will make the Holy Paladin’s Sacred Shield better than a Ret or Prot Paladin’s Sacred Shield. Adds a little more punch to the Holy spec, IMO.

Aura Mastery (which had a 10 second duration) has been dropped down to 6 second duration.

Aura Mastery is supposed to double the effects of all Paladin auras running (or so I’m told) for a duration. It’s an instant cast ability. I guess it could be used for increasing heal effects (for those with the applicable talents), Ret aura damage, resistances and armor increases. At 10 seconds I kind of feel meh about it.

At 6 seconds?


Lay of Hands can no longer be used on yourself.

They’ve just taken that foamless Nerfbat and rammed it up your ass, Paladins.

This is huge.

It will reduce the survivability of all Paladins in PVP, a lot, and it will impact some of their survivability as tanks. I know when I was playing a Paladin, I liked having the Lay on Hands as a “oh shit” button if it seemed like the heals were going to be late or something.

As a Ret Paladin in PVE, I mainly used it to allow the healer to focus on the tank or to help keep someone up. The only loss here is that I can’t use it to keep myself up when the healer is having a rough time keeping others up.

There goes your safety blanket.

This is a bit of a surprise given the cooldown on it but I guess the intent is for it to be used on others, putting the Paladin more into the support role than for it to be a survival mechanism.

I can already see this getting called for much like an Envervate.


8 thoughts on “Paladins Beaten by Nerfbat…

  1. This is one of the main reasons I decided enough was enough with WoW, the way the paladin class is treated is a joke. Blizzard need to grow some balls and stop listening to QQ, the removal of lay on hands is nothing short of baffling, what next no bubble?

    When I return to WoW for cataclysm I’ll be rerolling a Rogue or DK, paladins these days are a gonner.

  2. It will reduce the survivability of all Paladins in PVP

    To be fair, all paladins I have encountered in PvP, or duels, have only just been this side of immortal. My own, newbie paladin is too low-level for me to know the specifics of the nerf, but reducing the survivability of paladins in PvP seems like a good thing, if only because some of us want to get to sleep and not stay up for three hours fighting a single player.

  3. I didn’t point at specific specs of paladins, but it will hurt Ret paladins the most, IMO.

    What it does instead, is screw over Ret Pallies who will now probably go Prot/Holy for PVPing. This does impact PVE as well. Again, sort of making the Ret Pally suffer in the occassions that a healer has to prioritize them lower than someone else.

    The ones that seem immortal in PVP are the Prot/Holy hybrids. They take all the aspects of a tank (block, parry, dodge, mitigation talents, etc.) and tack on some Holy abilities to allow them to cast through beatings and enhance their heals.

    I’ve used this spec to duo through instances with a Mage and I used to to level by AOEing groups of enemies.

    Lay on Hands will not solve that spec which will not stop people from running into seemingly invulnerable Paladins. There will be cries of joy at this nerf, but it’s not going to fix anything.

    What they need to do to fix this issue is complicated… they need to put some of the Holy abilities out of reach of Paladins who reach deep enough into Prot for things like Ardent Defender (the talent that makes you take significantly less damage the more damaged you become) but doing that impacts the crazy folks that level as Holy.

    In other words, Holy becomes less of a viable spec to use while leveling. So they have to figure something else out. This LoH nerf is just tossing some hungry dogs a bone…

    I don’t dispute that Paladins can be made to be OP in PVP, I dispute that this change to LoH will really impact those Paladins who will now still bubble and bandage or still channel healing through six people whacking away at them.

  4. I see, thanks for taking time to explain the issue. I may even run up against the problem myself at some point, as levelling is much quicker nowadays.

  5. I just think with current and previous nerfs the retribution paladins are again reduced to loladins. The removal of burst damage and the seal of blood was sore enough but now the removal of the main ‘survival’ utility for rets is gone then to me its a dead tree.

    All this QQing has went too far this time, sure people will be happy as they can now beat rets easily as they cant hand out sufficient dps to burn down a target and now cant effectively use the ‘oh shit’ heal to get life/mana…..

    You will definately see more tank/healer specs appearing

  6. Exactly, which means the QQing will continue.

    Though GC has stated the LoH change probably won’t stick for that reason; it doesn’t really address the problem.

  7. GC is and always will be a little scrote, he tries to get around it by being all chummy and trying to crack jokes but someone should just come out and ask why after 5 years of release have they not managed to find a balance between classes?

    Perhaps if they concentrated less on buffing the most QQers to flavour of the month then there wouldnt be an issue.

    Months ago he released a statement on paladins that would change combat features…. whats happened? Nothing we have had a seal removed and now a viable and deserved pvp tool.

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