Best In Slot?

WoW talk incoming.

I scored the Death’s Verdict trinket from 25 man Coliseum Trial of the Crusader! Granted, it’s not as awesome as the Heroic 25 man version, but it’s still one of the best (if not the best) trinket available to me.

I did miss out on two other pieces of Hunter gear (bracers and leggings) that were upgrades but rolling 100 for that trinket made up for it! And I was happy to see it spread out (unlike last time) to my guild leader (scored the leggings) and a PUG hunter (who did a good job) scored the bracer.

We first started the allied 25 man run on Thursday but stalled on Faction Champions because we started losing people and it was really a bad draw; resto druid, resto shaman, holy priest, rogue, hunter, ret pally, dk, warrior and shadow priest. I was almost sure it was going to be a wipe to start because someone triggered the Faction Champions before we were completely set, but people executed and we brought down healer after healer then switched over to some annoying DPS types.

In the end, we won it.

We shared our strat for the two angels after that fight (okay, they’re not really angels) with the allied guild (Excitium – good folks!) and the first crack at it was a wipe. Next time through it was a piece of cake. I even hit second in DPS with an unbelievable 8.8k DPS!

Yeah, there are some gimmicks in that fight which you can take advantage of, getting buffed up because of collecting bubbles of the right color helps a lot.

In the end, I ranked second for overall damage done right behind a Mage who is our DPS advisor. The three Hunters in the 25 man raid accounted for 20% of the damage done. My DPS overall DPS was 4.3k which is definitely an improvement.

What changed?

I got some new boots and I switched my spec to Marksman to give it a try. Man was it sweet seeing Chimera Shot crit for 8k even while I was in Aspect of the Viper! And I think I figured out the mana issues a bit. You need to be more liberal with Rapid Fire since that’s one way of getting mana back. Readiness helps you keep Rapid Fire available and Readiness really helps for burst DPS. Don’t be too hesitant to use it in raids for an extra burst, it works best there. With a three minute cooldown timer, it’s pretty sweet. Pop it somewhat early so it will be up later, time when it will be up because you do want it for that last stretch; Kill Shot, Chimera Shot+Silencing Shot, Aimed Shot, Arcane Shot, maybe Kill Shot again if it’s up, Readiness and repeat cycle for a nice burst. That’s three Kill Shot casts in under 13 seconds.

Oh, I think I elevated other DPS types as well with the addition of my Improved Hunter’s Mark which effectively adds 650 Attack Power on the Marked mob and top that off with Trueshot Aura which grants people a bonus 10% of their Attack Power if they’re within 45 yards of me.

Our guild leader (plays a hunter) broke 5k DPS overall last night. I don’t want to steal his thunder because he’s using in the high 4k, but I like to think the two things I added in helped out a little.

I lubs me da huntar.

4 thoughts on “Best In Slot?

  1. The difference between Thurs and last night? Me! lol I missed Thursday night, but joined last night cuz some warm bodies were needed.
    I purged teh shit outta that druid!

    Oh yeah, awesome 100 roll too. Gratz!

  2. LOL Yup, purging the HoTs were definitely a huge help.

    “I purged teh shit outta that druid!”
    That just sounds so wrong… I’m not sure which joke to run with!

  3. I was too busy ducking the DK who liked to Death Grip me. hehe

    Yeah, we rolled them that time for sure 🙂

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