Windows 7 Taskbar Enhancement Request…

Microsoft, if you’re listening, can you please allow ‘grouping’ of shortcuts on the taskbar. Sort of like how you hide inactive icons in the systray.

Allow a user to group them as they see fit or heck, steal something from MMO UIs or addons that let you CTRL+ScrollUp/Down to toggle through options.

That would be sweet.

My current whine is about the task bar because I have several work related shortcuts, several family (browsers, Photoshop Elements, etc.) related shortcuts and several game related icons on the task bar. To get them all to fit I have to use small icons.

Yes, I know I can increase the height the task bar, but I’d rather not. I’d much rather have some organization or even modes I can scroll through.

Just a suggestion.

EDIT: In the words of Gregory House, “You’re an idiot.” Hey, it’s been re-runs the last two weeks and I miss it… it’s also applicable.

I realized shortly after posting this that I can just create folders full of short cuts and add them as ‘toolbars’ to the task bar giving me just about what I wanted. I now have (crunched up) Games, Work and Misc toolbars which point to a {user documents}\Toolbars\{ToolbarNameHere} folders that conain shortcuts to the apps I want.

On the task bar, these appear as the folder names and little flyout double arrows which, when you click on them, pop up a list of all the contained shortcuts.

I apologize if this was obvious to someone else, I’ve never really needed to do this before and it isn’t as immediately obvious as it could be if Microsoft wanted this to be more user friendly.

I have 28 shortcuts combining what I usually have for work stuff (there are a few more for working from home use), games and miscellaneous crap.

I am so smrt.

4 thoughts on “Windows 7 Taskbar Enhancement Request…

  1. mhm, agreed the win7 taskbar could do with a few usability updates, small icons not being centered, and a divider or gap between pinned and non pinned programs would be nice, perhaps even icon left/right alignment.

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