Dragon Age: Origins – I Brokedid It…

Apparently I broke it twice before I even had the game. How’d I do that? Well, let me tell you… I broke the story and NPC interactions.


That’s right. I broke a lot of the NPC interactions and dialog.


First off, I made a Human Noble Warrior. In that starting line you’re the youngest noble son of some nobles. White nobles. I made my warrior black. I’m literally the black sheep in the family. Everyone else is white… mom, dad, bro… everyone.

Maybe mom ran off to Dragon Age’s equivalent of Jamaica to… well, you know what rich older white ladies like to do there… and maybe she came back with me. Dad didn’t notice, sort of like in Jim Carey in Me, Myself and Irene. Or maybe he snapped?

Minor oops there. If you’re going to be allowing some one to adjust their skin color, you might want to make sure mom and dad are similiar or throw in some sort of adoption which covers all the grounds, even if it is a little cliche.

There was another thing that threw me off in that storyline; you dismiss the absence of your brother from where you’re getting to. Now maybe I missed something, but I didn’t see him and it seems I don’t care.

He was only my step-brother anyway.

Second break was my Mage/Wizard/Caster character I created. I always imagine my wizards being sort of old and wise. I blame you Gandalf. So I made an elderly human magi… and the dialog implied that I was found at a young age to be quite gifted in magic. I moved through the apprenticeship quite quickly and now I was to face my test.

Wait a second. I started young, moved quickly through the lessons and I’m ready for testing at the ripe old age of about 60? I could be wrong, but this guy isn’t  a spring chicken anymore… he’s an old fart. What do you mean I’m young?

I couldn’t help feeling fail. Here I was, 60 years old… I probably spent 45 years in apprenticeship, but apparently that was fast.

I really did make those characters and noticed those discrepencies in the story but otherwise, I really like what I’ve seen so far. Obviously, they’re not serious issues.

One issue I did have was with their community site, which is apparently still beta. I pre-ordered the deluxe version off Steam so when I created the character I had the bonus ring you get from ordering from Steam. I was also supposed to have two adventure/setting addons, another ring or two, some armor, some books and a staff (I think – I have to double check). In order to enable this I needed to redeem my codes (I had three).

Finding the ‘redeem’ code button was easy enough, it was under the “Downloadable Content” from the game’s main menu. I click on it. Sure enough, I saw the ring and it got downloaded. I saw the two extra content pieces  but they weren’t downloading.

I hit “Redeem” and popped the codes I had from Steam in there where I got mixed messages.

It said the code wasn’t recognized AND the code was entered.


I popped back into the game and looked at the downloadable content. It still required Bioware points. I entered the codes again. This time, no positive message, just red text saying the code could not be entered.

Now, that site is beta… but that really begs the question; Why are you using a beta site for something as important as registering the game and unlocking extras that you paid extra for?

I said screw it and played for a bit before I had to run off and pick up my boys from school.

When I got back, I fiddled around some more trying to figure out why I wasn’t getting my extras. Someone on the Steam forum noted that they logged out of the game (it has a log in – I’ll talk about that later) and then logged back in. Once they did that, all the downloadable content was available.

I gave that a try and it worked.

Why do you have to log into the game?

Well, I don’t believe you need to, but if you do it ties to your profile at that Bioware Community site. It should update achievements and upload some screenshots the game seems to automatically take as you progress through it.

Just what I need… another community.

So what about the game?

I’m too tired to answer that now, besides, I’ve played it less than a Eurogamer reviewer does. 🙂 All jokes aside, I did only play it for three hours. I will put a first impressions post up as soon as I get some more coffee into me and collect my thoughts on it – which are all positive aside from the ones in this thread.

I made the mistake of hopping on there after raiding (around midnight) and thought, “I’ll just start my magi character and see what it’s like…” I got to bed at 2am, that should tell you how good the game is.

I need my third and fourth cup…

EDIT: For my internet stalkers… err… fans… okay, the select few that read this  blog, here is my DA:O profile. Oddly enough, it doesn’t have the data from my late night (or early morning) adventures. Aedan is actually a much higher level now and I’ve unlocked several more achievements. Odder (is that a word?) still, my Magi character doesn’t show up there but my Elf Rogue (who I haven’t played yet) does show up.

I need to make a Dwarf Two-Hander specialist…


3 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Origins – I Brokedid It…

  1. I started the game with this nice old and wise looking human warrior, only to realize that I looked much older than my father. I just ended up restarting the game after that.

    Trying to setup a profile at the new community site was such a headache for me yesterday. I have separate EA and Bioware accounts, and trying to get them to sync along with the overload on the website lead to about a hour of frustration.

  2. I just created a new one entirely. I figured it would save me a lot of pain.

    Good to see I’m not the only person that noticed some story issues based on what you made for a character. Not severe, just sort of breaks the story if you’re supposed to be “Pup” and you’re a good 20 years older than your dad. hehe

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