Uncool Admission…

I actually want to see the second Twilight movie, New Moon.



I’m sold.


5 thoughts on “Uncool Admission…

  1. I actually rented the first Twilight movie last week from Netflix.

    I have officially decided that one needs to be 15 years old or younger, and most importantly, female to figure out why that first movie is as popular as it is.

    I can only hope the book series is better written and makes more sense for the romance between Bella and Edward, because the movie gave no reason for it at all.

    But yeah, uncool to actually admit that… you can turn in the Man Card or *cough cough* just admit to being SmaktonDahed by your wife/daughter. Or possibly better yet *cough cough* that your wife/daughter logged into your account and blogged that… 😀

  2. I read the entire series, because I wanted to see what the stink was about…and almost couldn’t make it out of the first book.
    “I’m bad for you, I’m not worthy, blah blah blah”
    And I tried watching the movie and quit 30 minutes in.
    I may watch the 2nd movie for 1 reason: Jake was my fav character.

  3. you will be disappointed as from what I’ve heard they aint werewolves as such, they are more ‘shape shifters’ and just turn into big ass wolfs.

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