WoW Drama…

I don’t have details but it seems like it was a disagreement between the Guild Leader and Officers on how to move forward with the guild. From the sounds of things, the Guild Leader took exception to suggestions of switching to a ‘council’ type of leadership instead of having a single Guild Leader. There was also differences in what the guild was supposed to be and I think some of that came down to communication issues.

My understanding was that NFD was going to be a raiding guild, not hardcore, but the kind that gets things done. We weren’t after server firsts but we did want to do the content. That said, it was well suited to people with families and other responsibilities. While NFD was open to casual types and family members (my 6 year old was a member) the focus wasn’t really on ‘casual’ things because most of the players we up there in content and had already done a lot of the previous content.

Really, this was the second reason I didn’t have my sister and brother-in-law join NFD – I wanted them to join something more casual focused where they could find people who would be willing to run lower level instances legitimately. They have more fun when they’re actually doing the dungeon, not being run through it. I know the people of NFD (and now PS) would definitely be helpful, but I think they might have been too helpful in a way I’m not sure would really be helpful (i.e. they’d be able to do without knowing why to do that). (The main reason was that I didn’t want my sister sharing embarrassing stories about me.)

Amazingly, most of the regular members (myself included) didn’t really see this sort of rift in the guild coming. You have to give the leadership credit for that, they kept it in the private channels and didn’t air any dirty laundry.

Anyway, explosion.

I popped online this Wednesday morning to check the guild boards and saw a post from the Guild Leader on a raiding thread and it said something about having a set back last night so they’ll have to recruit about seven more raiders.

I was stunned. What set back?

When I logged off at 11:30pm (eastern) we had just finished raiding Onyxia and ToC (10 man). It went well enough for one of the officers first times. The pace could have been faster but I’m patient and it’s not like I stepped up to run it so I’m not going to complain. (I guess I just did!)

Well, after reading that thread I popped in game (I was off on Wednesday) and checked the roster. Just about all the raiders and officers were gone.

Again, surprised.

It’s not hard to find people in WoW, so I saw they were all under a new guild named, “Paranormal Society”.

Rather than have a single Guild Leader, they’re working with a council type for leaders instead of just having one guy. I think that sort of thing can work better because the ‘power’ (I use that term loosely because it’s a WoW guild…) is spread out and there has to be more ofan agreement for changes. Ideally, that should be better for the members and the leaders because it won’t all be on the shoulders of one person.

The bottom line for me was that everyone I joined NFD for, with or added in later were now in this new guild. The people that weren’t there yet probably just hadn’t be on when all that was decided.

Looking at the roster last night, there was a steady stream of the same people coming into the guild which is good for the guild but not so good for the old one.

Being off, I took a moment to fiddle around with a forum signature image:


It’s a change to something the same.


4 thoughts on “WoW Drama…

  1. Uh yeah, this came as quite a shock to me also. When I looked at the NFD roster, everyone that I enoyed playing with had left, so it was an easy decision to search you, Tim, or Dennis out.
    Once in PS, I was happy to see everyone there.
    I’m not much of a raider due to family, but I really enjoy getting into raids when I can and NFD/PS works for me.

  2. Let me guess.

    Huntingwolf wanted a 24/7 all night guild that raided 25 mans naked for achievements and no one else could agree to that so he left and started Ten Fold Dragons?

  3. I think it was actually closer to a guild leader that couldn’t make up their minds and waffled back and forth before finally taking too many shots as current and former members before those members finally had enough and quit.

    Though I could be wrong.

  4. @Hudson:
    It’s not totally naked, just no pants. :p

    We have a lot of raid nights available, but we’re able to crank out most of the content in a short time. This means more people get to raid which, IMO, is a good thing. (Ony and regular ToC are on farm status, most of Ulduar is farm except the hard modes where we still need mim)

    As I said, it’s not hardcore but we are hitting the latest content and getting it done.

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