Die Paladin Scum!

I hate Paladins now.

Want to know why?

They hurt me too much in PVP.

I did a fair bit of PVPing over the weekend, okay so it was almost all on Sunday. I think I took in over 30k Honor in about four (or five) Eye of the Storm runs, one Warsong Gulch run and two battles in Wintergrasp (lost one and won the second). I lost track of the kills but it was near two hundred.

Why did I PVP?

Well, an old friend (Frank/Kaldonar) was back and he wasn’t comfortable healing in a Heroic so we ended up PVPing. He was dirt poor too, his son has been playing on the account and managed to drain his 6000 gold really fast. The specs he has seemed a little old too since Nourish seems to be the way to go for Druid healing. I gave him 50 gold (which meant he now had more gold than I did) to adjust his spec and do repairs and off we went.

Kaldonar won’t be raiding since most of the raids happen too late in the evenings but he said he’ll pop on from time to time to play his Warlock and Druid here and there. He really likes the Warlock.

Still, it was a lot of fun. I forgot how much fun PVP can be with friends. I guess I need to build a PVP set. I might hold off until Patch 3.3 because everything will be dropping Emblems of Triumph (which I don’t need unless I get a trophy from the 25 man ToC raid) and there is some good PVP gear you can get with that. Yes, that means I was PVPing with T9 or better raid gear and yes, I know that Resilience really makes a difference – I have a PVP set on my Paladin and he’s a God when he’s PVPing with it on.

Back to hating on Paladins. *grin*

They are sickeningly strong and durable. I get that they’re the “rock”, I’m (as a Hunter) the “scissors” and most other things are “paper” so they’re supposed to be able to kill me. Supposed to be… I did run into several that couldn’t hehe.

Other “rock” type classes to my “scissors” Hunter are the Warrior and Deathknight. I think the Deathknight is almost as bad as the Paladin, but not quite. Warriors are hit and miss. If they’re played well, they’ll mow me down before I get too much of a chance to do anything. The stun on the end of their Charge ability is rough. DKs hurt with the damn Death Grip and all the other crap they can do.

Toe to toe against anything else and I’ll mow through them. In fact, I’ve destroyed clothies really fast several times. Spider pet root and I burn them down before they get a chance to dismount.

In other WoW stuff, I have my Mage up to 58 (finally) so she is entering TBC area. I spent some time yesterday farming Hellfire Ramparts as Lannister and got her some greens that were huge upgrades for her (she has the PVE Heirloom shoulders, chest, staff and spell power/mana trinket already). Ramparts goes really fast with a level 80 Retribution Paladin mowing through everything. I think each run took about 15 minutes, if that. I ran through there with Smaken (level 80 Marksman Hunter) and got him the wolf pet with all the extras on it (spiked neck, glowing eyes, saddle, bedroll, etc.). It definitely took longer with Smaken and there was a risk if I was overly bad with threat (which I was because I didn’t have a tank pet out hehe).

Another reason to nerf Paladins! But only after I’m done farming stuff with him, k? Thanks!

Yes, I’m kidding. I don’t mind the classes as they are. One on one I should die to Warriors, Paladins and Deathknights – sometimes I don’t, sometimes I do. Often having one more person there is enough to turn the tide of that fight. I can kill just about everything else unless a Rogue or (Feral) Druid gets the drop on me, and even then, it can be really close.


2 thoughts on “Die Paladin Scum!

  1. am sorry ur a mage and you whine bout paladins?…is this became a habbit or something …mage are like the only class who have 50% again every class out there and skill cap is high, not to mention u toy the paladin like a puppet as mage, your only problem is feral other classes are not even close , practise more pls kkthxbai

  2. Oh hai!

    Can you try posting again? I think something went wrong with the post to the server and it came back all garbled and incomprehensible.


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