I have been having… urges lately. No, not those kinds of urges, those are normal.

Sort of whimsical and fruitless ones.

The one thing they all have in common is that they’re about spending money for little gain. Some things that pop into my head are paying for WoW services (race changes), buying up music, buying other video games (Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 2 and Modern Warefare 2 was another one – shooting things seems to be a theme) and looking for books to read.

I’m wondering if it is guilt that people were let go recently, unsatisfying work, worry over the wife not talking to her mom (and guilt that I’m happy the mother in law hasn’t been around much), boredom or overtiredness, unhappiness or another sign of mid-life crisis? (I did have an urge get get a Mustang recently.)

Combination of all of the above?

5 thoughts on “Diagnosis?

  1. I’m not surprised it is stress. Half the team I work with gone (including some extended team members), lots of work looming because of the void of their getting laid off on top of new work as I’m trying to sort out some fallout from that and prepare for the extra workload.

    I’m also responsible for transitioning some knowledge offshore and I’m starting to get questions from another offshore location about areas I’m really good at (so it’s only natural). The stress cause there is I suspect I’ll have even more hand holding to do this on top of the overloading of my already overloaded workload.

    Then there is the looming dark cloud and speculation of basically shutting this project down next year, thereby losing my job (possibly, I suspect they would relocate me to another team), at least another round of losing people. This makes me seriously question whether I should stick around or not – am I just going to end up juggling these burning chainsaws only to realize there is no crowd watching?

    That is assuming we don’t come up with another viable product. More stress there in hoping that we come up with something.

    I’m already stressing about what could happen in that case because I know what I want to do but there are too many unknowns and some pretty powerful negative knowns.

    And that’s just work stress.

    I’d take a vacation but they cut our vacation time significantly.


  2. I suggest you harness that stress into Borderlands! Or, you could take that stress and write out a well thought out angry letter to Jason Spezza because he is killing my fantasy hockey team!!!!

    But seriously I hope that you get/do something to help relieve that stress.

  3. Yes, Jason Spezza is disappointing on the score sheet but, DAMN!, is he playing hard and showing a lot of heart. He’s playing better than he did last year, it’s just not resulting in points. 😦

    I decided I’d use Left 4 Dead 2 as a stress outlet. 🙂

    Dai zombie bastards!

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