WoW, 5 Years!

I have to admit, I both regret and don’t regret not picking up WoW from the start and sticking with it. I regret it because I missed a lot of content and I could have several filled out characters available for play (and likely not have to worry so much about coin). While nothing is stopping me from going back and doing this content now (and I have done some of it), it just isn’t the same because everyone outlevels it. I end up seeing the content instead of really experiencing it.

Part of that is missing the fun, new content feeling. I can only imagine what running Dire Maul or Stratholme or Scholomance was like. I had some fun going through some of the dungeons/instances that were level appropriate when I restarted on Rexxar as Lannister, and that was definitely a lot of fun. But a lot of the other content, instances from TBC and WotLK, seemed to be ‘done’ already and old hat.

Instead I put my money on EQ2, and it was fun for awhile, but it didn’t last – not for me at least. I ended up hopping to other games and giving WoW a shot and then hopping away as some friends were dissatisfied with it but in the end, I’m playing WoW now.

I don’t regret it entirely, because I did have a lot of fun in those other games even if it was just for a short time. But I can’t help wondering what it would be like if I started with WoW and stuck with it.

Congratulations, Blizzard, on 5 years of World of Warcraft!


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