Is This Thing On?

Just checking.

I haven’t posted in awhile, probably because I haven’t been in the mood to do so although there hasn’t been a lot going on that I’d want to bore my few readers with. Because that’s what I do, I hide all the good stuff away and leave you with the uninteresting stuff. I’m saddistic like that.

A little while back I (significantly) adjusted my Reader feeds to limit the number of blogs I was following. It was getting to be a bit much and taking up too much time. I just couldn’t keep up. From now on, I’ll be clicking through my Blogroll to see who has what to say when I have some time to kill or when I’m curious.

So what’s been going on in Ogresville? Like I said above, a lot I’m not willing to talk about but I will share the following:

1. Dragon Age – the honeymoon is over. I did what I usually do and sort of put this on the back burner. What do I normally do? I start up a bunch of characters and play through the starting areas so much that I want to barf. Okay, maybe not barf, but I get sort of sick of it. I’ll get back to it soon I’m sure.

2. Left4Dead2 – I got into the swamp levels (technically, you can play any one of the levels you want, but there seems to be a sequence). It has been good fun, great outlet for stress and frustration. Not a good game to play while the kids are awake though.

3. A Gathering Storm – (Brandon Sanderson is using all the notes left behind by Robert Jordan to write the ending of this series) theΒ  first of two books to tie up the Wheel of Time series. I’m barely into it but I can see things are really getting tied up. I don’t notice a big difference in the writing, but then it’s been awhile since I read the last one. It’s good so far. (Yes, I was missing item 3 in my first posting of this entry hehe)

4. World of Warcraft – Raiding slowed down the last two weeks. I missed the Sunday before last because, well, I pulled myself from the game and benched myself. I wasn’t in a good state to play. The following Tuesday I was just too late and the raid was full (I had one of the wife’s friends over to check something out and we were chatting). Thursday was cancelled due to Americans being late with Thanksgiving. But they should start up again on tonight.

I got my Mage to 60 and my Priest almost to 72 – I should get off my ass and get him to 80. I think the main thing holding me back on the Priest is that I know I’ll feel the ‘need’ to get the epic flying on yet another character. And I started a Rogue, who is now level 30.

I managed to finally run some TBC Heroic instances (duoing with UFTimmy) yesterday morning. That was interesting as I was juggling between looting, DPSing, talking on the phone, IMing people and eating chips – chips took priority, I will not lie. We duoed Heroic Ramparts, Blood Furnace and Slave Pens. We’ll eventually get to Underbog and the others. I’ve done most of the others except anything past the Shadow Labyrinth so those will be a treat.

I am really looking forward to the next patch. That’s about all for WoW.

5. Dungeons & Dragons – We missed a number of games, or so it feels, and I lost track of where we were. I asked the DM and he reminded me we were in a crater near a library of a ruined town. I believe we were on our way to another town.

The DM has taken to doing something I was doing during my campaign (which I got from another DM in the group) and has been throwing out bits of story which reveals to the players (not the characters) some of the things going on behind the scenes.

I started doing that because I found it gave the players a better sense of the world and a feeling that there are things going on elsewhere, the game world doesn’t just revolve around their characters (even if it really did).

6. Other Stuff.

Other things include the kids doing well at school. I was surprised to hear my four year old reading from one of his books. It’s not a complicated book but it is new so he’s only heard it read once. My older son has been impressing me with his reading as well. I think if he were to start playing WoW right now he might enjoy some of it more. Reading comes to him easier than spelling out the words.

We have the Christmas tree up already. The boys really had fun with that. They wanted to have it up for when my parents come to visit. Bby the way, the 5$ cost for WoW is really tempting me to get it for them – I suspect my father would play and my mother might pick at it some but probably not enough to warrant the monthly subscription fee.

That’s about all I have.


9 thoughts on “Is This Thing On?

  1. I didn’t realize you were playing PnP D&D. I haven’t done something like that in years.

    I’m finding Dragon Age to be pretty fun, it has sucked almost all my time away from anything else.

  2. I have made it to level 14 in Dragon Age, I really like it and I am impressed how much they really have put into it. It gets much harder though the longer you go, so save often. I am looking forward to going through it with some other character types too; the game does a nice job utilizing who you are and your background, it will be interesting to see how much it changes with the other backgrounds. One thing to get you going again if you didn’t see it: the elves have a very interesting werewolf problem…

    On Brendon Sanderson replacing Robert Jordan- I just finished over Thanksgiving, the writing does feel a bit different for me, but I think they did the best they could with the bad situation. Brendon’s comments in the beginning are pretty accurate- he doesn’t try to copy Jordan’s style, but he is faithful to the story and characters (for the most part). The biggest difference is that some of the characters talk more about what they are thinking then before (especially Rand), but Jordan might have done the same himself as part of wrapping up. You can definitely tell the he is wrapping up a lot of story lines. I can’t wait to see how it all finishes (in two years…)


  3. Yeah, I’ve been playing D&D with the same group for several years now – I think over 10 years? If not, then pretty damn close to it.

    Oh don’t get me wrong, I like DA and think it’s really well done, I just sort of burned myself out on it by replaying the same areas over and over.

    Chris, I already did the Dalish Elf quest line, twice. πŸ™‚ I did the Magi and I’m working on Redcliffe (which I had already done before).

    I’ll spoil that all the starters end up converging on Ostigar though I suspect aspects of that are somewhat different.

    For example, the Blood Mage in Redcliffe dungeon was nothing to my City Elf Warrior, but I understand he’s someone special to Magi characters. That sort of thing.

    I hadn’t noticed that about the book, but I have been enjoying what I’ve read so far (which isn’t a whole lot).

    Any other good reads?

  4. I don’t mean the Dalish elf starter quests (I haven’t done those), I mean when you go to them as part of the main 4 part ‘treaty’/blight quests to ask them for help in fighting the blight. When Tuvok, I mean Zachian (or however it is spelled) says he wants to help but has the werewolf problem you need to deal with…

    O I definitely enjoyed the book, don’t get me wrong, I am just saying his ‘take’ on things is slightly different then the way Jordan was doing it. It is very close, but there are scenes where I just read it and said, “Jordan wouldn’t have done it quite like that”. Nothing plot sensitive, just the way it was handled. Like reading about the same event in two different newspapers, there are differences.

    After that I am just re-reading my OOTS books through again to get ready for the latest book coming out. I pre-ordered it so I will get it as soon as it ships in the next week or so.

    It isn’t much of a spoiler on the Ostigar convergence; thats actually another thing I like about DAO, lots of similar games have multiple endings, but this is neat in having multiple beginnings (rather then just being always from some remote farm village and destined to save the world). And not just different beginnings that the game later ignores, your beginning is referenced quite a lot in the main storyline in both small ways and larger (mini-spoiler: for instance the blood mage in Redcliffe- to your warrior he is just a random illegal blood mage on the loose, to my mage he was my classmate and best bud who I helped escape from the Templars after he lied to me about being a bloodmage. He is a party member for a couple of the early levels under your control…)

    Can’t wait for the weekend to come and keep going… πŸ˜‰

  5. I sided with both and resolved the curse. Werewolves returned to normal and the elves were cured so they joined up with me.

    I didn’t try siding with the werewolves entirely, I’m not sure you can actually do that.

  6. That is what I did as well, after smaking down the sorcerer till he saw reason and agreed to end the curse. The achievement I was granted said I sided with the elves though, and at least one of the conversation options when you meet the first talking werewolf at least implied the elves could be wiped out (I was wondering if that were true, when I run through an ‘evil’ toon I will try to do that…)

  7. ok, finished the game (after 62 hours but I was going slow and reading everything). I still recommend it, you should pick a toon and go the distance. Next up for me is going to be an elven rogue I think….

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