Last Man Standing…

Or dwarf.

Yesterday’s raids ended up being a crack on older WotLK content. We took a stab at Sarth 3D. That would be Sartharion (or whatever) while all three drakes were up. This means we needed to kill him, fast. If we didn’t, the raid would wipe.

Now, they had done it before and even I was present and tanked the Sarth 2d attempt (I believe I was on drake duty), but that was as Lannister. As Smaken, I had not yet set foot in the instance. In fact, it was the last raid I needed for the Champion of the Frozen Wastes title.

We took several stabs at it but ended up wiping for various reasons, we were close every attempt, but not close enough. Until the last attempt, we were so close by the time the second firewall came up, but people started dropping like flies until there was only two people left; the Spirit Healer form of our Priest and…

Go figure, the title was a spoiler.

That’s right, I was the last person standing and I finished that damn dragon off!

Truth be told, I didn’t have to stay alive for too much longer, just a few seconds more and down the dragon went. Because of the firewall, I had to get in close so I couldn’t use my ranged attacks until I Disengaged out and fired off my big hitting abilities.

I have to say, it was pretty awesome.

Five achievements completed:

1. Besting the Black Dragonflight – 10 man raid complete
2. Champion of the Frozen Wastes – a ton of other achievements required…
3. Twilight Assist – defeating Sarth with one drake up
4. Twilight Duo – defeating Sarth with two drakes up
5. Twilight Zone – defeating Sarth with three drakes up

That last one got me another title on top of,  “Champion of the Frozen Wastes” which was, “of the Nightfall”.


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