Santa Killer…

I rented a movie to watch with the wife last night. I’ve been a big ball of stress the last little while (I had a fairly large task dropped on me at the last minute when I was told the day before that it was due around the 21st of this month) and really needed to unwind.

So we started watching it while the kids were awake (they’re 6 and 4 years old), figuring we’d send them to bed in a half hour. We figured the movie was called, “Four Christmases” so it should be fine.

We get through the first part and it’s okay, the kids are sort of watching but not really. Vince Vaughn is visiting his family where he’s ambushed by his brothers and then one of his brother’s kids who beats up him while he’s pinned.

Good wholesome scene for the kids. 

Next up was Vince Vaughn telling his nephews that there was no Santa Claus.

My kids still believe in Santa (the wife makes me play along) so that scene was a bit of a shocker for myself and the wife.  It didn’t seem to phase the kids though, so we didn’t make a big deal out of it. I’m not  entirely sure they were really watching – more likely they were just happy to push bed time out some.

“He was only saying that to make the kid mad because the kids were beating him up,” was my explanation.

I think it worked, because they didn’t say anything about it. We’re quite good at telling them not to believe what they see on TV and they knew it was a comedy.

I hope.

(They went to bed shortly after that.)


6 thoughts on “Santa Killer…

  1. It’s funny how we tell our kids not to lie, then we lie to them about all sorts of different things.

  2. I have always been very humbug about christmas, although now I have kids… They love stuff. You know, new stuff, fun stuff.

    They heard from a friend that Santa was not real, and asked me and the wife. She is brilliant. Her reply – “Well, you can either believe in Santa and get presents from him, or ask me that question again.”

    They shut up immediately. He’s getting them a Wii for christmas. Lucky bastards. I got a nintendo (original one) 11 years after they were released.

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