Sucking Balls…

I’m talking about the Twin Valkyries encounter in Trial of the Crusader.

Old news?

Yeah, it is since we’ve been beating them on regular 10 and 25 man runs, but we just managed to be the Heroic 10 man version of that encounter last night.

If you know the encounter, you know what I’m talking about. We all had a giggle when the raid leader was talking about and assigning people to ‘suck white balls’ and ‘suck black balls’.

For those that don’t know, in this encounter you’re facing off against two valkryies; one is black and the other is white. There are four portals around the room, two white and two black. If you click on the portals you get assigned a color which acts as a buff that doubles your damage against the valkryie of the other color.

During the encounter you may have to switch for  a couple of reasons; one puts a shield up and will heal if you don’t get the shield down and interrupt or they might start doing AOE damage to anyone not using the same color buff as the valkryie that is casting it (i.e. if the white one starts AOEing, you need to have the white buff). Their HPs are linked so you can do damage to either one and you always want to be targeting the one opposite your color. As mentioned, you can and have to switch colors by clicking on the portals.

On top of all that, there are these black and white balls zipping around the room. They randomly bounce off the walls and change direction. If you have the white buff and get hit by enough white balls (you sloot) then you get a temporary buff to damage. If you get hit by black balls (while you have the white buff) you take some damage. The reverse is true when you have the black buff; you want black balls and don’t want the white balls hitting yout. To make it even more fun, when these balls hit you, they explode and do a very small AOE effect.

Now in Heroic mode, you might be able to eat two of these hits which means you want some people in differnet colors protecting the damage dealers for the balls of the opposite color. So they get to suck balls.

We actually had a really productive raid night. We started by heading back into Icecrown Citadel and taking another shot at Lady Deathwhisper. We got pretty close but needed more DPS so with flipped a healer to DPS and took her down in the second attempt. That got me a sweet bow upgrade – which was surprising.

We then moved on to the Airship battle; getting some of the faction required to actually get a free ring from the Ashen Verdict folks. The ring is SWEET! I’d say it is better than the one I got from EoTs and raid drops so I’m using that and the Dextrous Band thing. Oh right, the airship battle was good fun too. We one shotted it, regrettably. We should have wiped just to do it again and again. You’re on an airship when another one attacks. Your cannons are supposed to damage the enemy ship while part of the raid deals with the boarders. At certain points a Mage will step out and freeze your cannons so you need to use a rocket pack to rocket jump over and kill the mage. You need tanks to also occupy the enemy Captain. Then you pop back over and start using the cannons again.

got to use the cannon and jump over to the other side. It was actually pretty fun.

Like I said, we downed it on the first try though we did lose two people who were still on the other ship when it went down. Sorry Tim!

We hit a bit of a bug there where the ship didn’t continue and dock where Saurfang is so we all died and popped back in.

Saurfang was a challenge, but we got him in the second (or was it third?) attempt which got us an achievement for doing so. I won’t lie, it was pretty damn close and we called to wipe it up but the remaining few managed to finish him off. His encounter wasn’t too bad aside from needing to do a lot of DPS and dealing with some adds that spawn and could really screw things up. That was fun; I got assigned as one of the people on that duty which involved kiting it a little.

Surprised at how smoothly all that went, we then decided to take a crack at the Heroic 10 man version of Trial of the Crusader where we had stalled on Lord Jarraxxus simply because we weren’t getting the portals down in time. In the heroic version, the portals and volcanoes that spawn adds stay open and keep spawning stuff if you don’t destroy the portals as opposed to only one Mistress or two Infernals, they will keep coming. If you get two Mistresses, you’re almost guaranteed to wipe because of some of their abilities.

It was pretty close but we pulled through just as a portal appeared and started spawning Mistresses which meant we got the achievement for having two Mistresses up while LJ died. I think we two or three shotted this one.

I’m too lazy to look it up – I do know I died early in one of the first attempts because I got the Legion of Flames thing just as a portal was coming up so I had to move away and we didn’t get the portal down. That isn’t ego talking; you really need everyone to execute or you wipe. There is no carrying people through the heroic versions.

Next was Faction Champions which we two shotted, the second time going handledly. Nothing all that exciting here, it’s sort of like PVPing against people only they have about 10-20 times your HPs hehe.

And then we got to the two Valkryies who really like balls. As I said above, we beat them and moved on.

The final boss just wasn’t happening. It’s different enough from the regular and 25 man regular version that you have to practice it so we’ll practice it some over the next week.

Overall it was a successful night.

I wasn’t overly pleased by my DPS and I haven’t been for a little while. It’s like I hit a bit of a wall at 4k. I’ve been running my gear and stuff through various spreadsheets and calculators and they’re suggesting I should have about 800-1000 more DPS based on my gear and rotation. I had a talk with one of the guys who is knows DPS and has a lot of raider friends and he suggested some changes to my spec and rotation (namely dropping Arcane Shot from the rotation, replacing it with Steady Shot). I did seem to do better, but still not where the sites are telling me I should be.

I think I know where I’m going wrong; I’m saving the cooldown items for a rainy day when I should get used to using them regularily. I tend to hold off on Rapid Fire, Readiness and my Trinket which means I miss out on some potential DPS.I think I might macro Rapid Fire in with Steady Shot or put a modifier on there, same with Silencing Shot; I might macro that in with the others on a modifier where as before I was always firing it when it was up – with the modifier I can get a little more control over it in the times I might need to have it up. I think I also need a little more Haste Rating, RAWR is telling me to gem for Haste only, even losing my metagem bonus – heh. Which I’m not going to do but there are some tweaks I need to do because I appear to have too many Yellow gems.

I’m going to have to spend a little time on the target dummy and see if I can work all that in.

2 thoughts on “Sucking Balls…

  1. The airship battle sounds pretty exciting. I can’t wait to see some of the end game content. I have recently come back to Warcraft with a new account, and haven’t seen any BC, or LK content.

  2. I love the Airship battle. So far everyone that has done it in our guild can’t help but say they love it after first doing it.

    The rockey packs are fun and I think the whole danger of being in the air, fighting on a ship and jocket jumping onto your enemies’ ship to screw them up adds a little something extra to it.

    It’s also nice that it isn’t just another boss fight filled with gimmicks.

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