(NOTE – this post was sitting unfinished in my drafts section since December 31st.)

It’s been a pretty peaceful time off and I haven’t posted in awhile due to work prior to my vacation and then over my vacation because I haven’t felt like blogging. Chris recently reminded me I actually have a blog and that it’s been quiet so I’ll blog about the above.

Yes, this is a WoW entry and it is about Pick Up Groups (PUGs) thanks to the recent Looking For Group tool WoW has.

First complaint – too many DPS classes. It takes me 15 minutes – I kid you not – to get a group if I’m alone as my Hunter. If I pop in as Lannister in Prot mode, a dungeon is ready as soon as I click the button to pop me into the queue.

Second complaint – you can pop into the listings as soon as you hit level 80 and you’ll get grouped up with anyone. Now it does try to balance things by sticking you in a lower end dungeon but it’s still pretty sad to see people doing 800 DPS to my 6000 DPS. And by people, I mean the rest of the group (butcept the healer).

My third complaint is that people seem to pick up this elitist sort of attitude about the requirements to beat a heroic instance. This morning I was running Culling of Stratholme and the first thing said by the tank was, “I’m warning you now, if you don’t put up more DPS than I do I’m going to votekick you.”

I replied, “Can we vote kick you if you’re at the bottom of DPS?”

The guy wasn’t even all that good of a tank, he lost agro several times. Of course, those were the times I wasn’t helping him by Misdirecting my agro at him. I was even nice enough not to point out that my Prot Pally still manages close to (if not over) 3k DPS on most fights while his Warrior didn’t even crack the 2k marker once.

I guess he set a low bar.

I don’t entirely blame him, as I’ve said, there are some pretty fresh 80s popping into the line up. And then there some some pretty clueless players out there. I tend to notive these while playing my Prot Pally and they’re almost always Hunters.

Which shames me.

First, they never seem to use Misdirection.

Second, they’re running with some exotic tamed pet which means they’re BM spec and stinking up the DPS numbers.

Fortunately, the second failure makes the first one useless. I think it just irks me because my main is a Hunter but I’d never call the person out or kick them from the group.

At least not yet. Maybe the honeymoon isn’t over yet, but I’m inclined to think it should be since I’ve got that Perky Pug pet on both my level 80s now.


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