Icecrown Citadel – Wing 2…

Fun stuff.

I think the trash mobs were actually tougher than most of the previous raid bosses. If you’ve been there, you know I’m talking about the dogs.

Each one had about 10 million HPs and a decimate ability much like what Gluth did in Naxx. On top of that, one has this big nasty AOE DoT and the other one summons up a ton of zombies every few seconds.

Good times that.

We decided we’d take a crack at the DPS required fight. It’s another boss mob that has about 9 million HPs and all sorts of weird abilities. The main one was raid wide DoT, some spores that spawn and reduce that damage, the odd CC against random raid members. He also does some stuff to the tanks and they have to switch off.

Oh, and you have about 5 minutes to kill him.

We took a few stabs at it and got him down after about the third or fourth try – we were ahead on DPS but the heals got to be a little rough, especially if one of our healers got CCed.

Next boss wasn’t a DPS race so much as a circus act. While fighting him, tubes spew green toxic stuff in each corner of the room – as one clears up, another one gets filled up. This means you have to cuddle up to this beauty and DPS from in close.

This is fun because he occasionally turns in a random direction and vomits on people there – it’s a sustained ground targeted DoT so you can move out of the way.

If that wasn’t enough, people are randomly covered in sludge which needs to be dispelled. On doing that, a slime will spawn at that person’s feet (the slimed one, not the dispeller) and start attacking. These slimes grow in size the more of them that spawn – thankfully, they grow into one big slime. Once this slime reaches a certain size, it will explode.

So, you have some poor soul trying to get the attention of these slimes and keep it while kiting them away.

Did I mention you take A LOT of damage when you are slimed and that why the dispelling has to happen fast?

Like I said, a bit of a circus act. Unfortunately, we only had time for about three attempts on him. The second one seemed pretty decent, the third wasn’t horrible until both Hunters misdirected the big slime to the tank instead of the person kiting the slimes (healer agro is a bit of an issue with the slimes).

Good times.

Yes, I was one of the hunters that made an oopsie.


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