Just Don’t Move It!

I drove into work with the wife this morning and as we got off the highway at her exit I discovered my parking pass was missing.

Usually, it is tucked into one of the slots on the coffee tray where it’s easily accessible and visible. I know exactly where it is and it’s not in the way at all.

But she keeps moving it.

And I keep telling her not to move it.

But she still keeps on moving it.

Most men with wives or girlfriends that live with them have experienced this:

Man: “Where is {item x}? I put it right here.”
Woman: ”Oh, it wasn’t supposed to be there so I moved it.”
Man: “What do you mean it wasn’t supposed to be there? I put it there so I’d remember to take it in the morning.”
Woman: “Well, it looked messy.”
Man: “I put it there at 11 in the evening and it’s now 6 in the morning – who is it going to look messy for?!”
Woman: “Well, put it somewhere else.”
Man: “Fine. Where did you move it to?”
Woman: “I don’t remember.”

Let’s take a quick look at the word, “woman”. It’s made up of “wo” and “man”. Clearly the name came from a wise man that quickly understood that women really were woe to men.

Fortunately I can get my parking validated so I don’t have to eat the ridiculously high price for parking.

But still…

Just don’t move my stuff around because you’re going to forget where you put it.


5 thoughts on “Just Don’t Move It!

  1. Preach on! I have a slight variation on that problem where my wife will move something she feels is cluttering up the rest of the house into my office, but never says anything to me. Drives me nuts, especially when I look around and realize that half the clutter in here isn’t mine.

  2. Let’s not forget when they move an item from the spot it’s been for years and then when you can’t find it, tell you to try looking for it.

  3. My wife asks, “Did you man-look?” which is what she calls opening a closet or cupboard, looking in without moving anything around then asking her where it is.

    Maybe it’s a guy thing, but shit should be just there. I shouldn’t have to dig through a pile to find it – it’s called ORGANIZATION!

    There is a bit of hypocrisy there too with the whole, “It doesn’t belong there” comment they give. The number of times I’ve gone looking for a tool in the tool box, didn’t find it until I looked in some location where it most certainly shouldn’t be (like a hall closet or something).

    Drives me nuts.

  4. I ended up buying my wife a measuring tape, small hammer, and screw driver to keep in the kitchen so that my tools would quit hiding themselves.

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