Old Hat?

Have you ever done something (in various similar forms) for so long that it starts feeling like a dirty old hat that really isn’t so comfortable anymore?

No, I’m not talking about my wife.

I’m actually talking about D&D.

I’ve been playing it in various versions and various ways since I was about eight years old. That’s 26 years of playing D&D and other fantasy style RPGS – though D&D dominated those years.

Not only have I been playing it, but I’ve taken up hobbies (MMO gaming) or directed hobbies (reading) in that sort of direction.

For books I tend to stick solely in the fantasy genre, almost never leaving that sort of series aside from the very limited dip into sci-fi or books for learning some computer tech or practice.

For games I play in a pen and paper group weekly (when possible) and on those days I don’t see the kids outside of the morning rush. My oldest hates Wednesdays and calls them bad days because I’m not around – they literally cheer if it is cancelled or I’m home for what ever reason.

Video games go in the same way, it’s all CRPGs or MMOs based on fantasy. I’ve deviated a little into FPS types (Left 4 Dead 2 and I’m eye-balling Call of Duty Modern Warefare 2) and the very rare RTS (which aims towards fantasy type of content). The little deviations from the norm have been fun, I have to admit, but also a little short lived.

Maybe I’m just burning out or starting to lose interest or simply bored.

Not sure.


8 thoughts on “Old Hat?

  1. Oh hell yes. I remember exactly when (A)D&D (we used to play both) got old hat — it was when they brought the Dragon Mountain boxed set out sometime in the early 90s. We may have played a little more after that, but not a whole lot. Instead we moved more full-time into games we’re still playing (well, the UK group is, I’m not there anymore 😦 ), Ars Magica and Vampire.

  2. Well I have played other pen and paper games over that time. 🙂 I never got into Vampire (though I did pick up the Werewolf sourcebook from White Wolf) and didn’t try Ars Magica.

    Tim, you are evil. I’m not switching my main character LOL I’m content with my Dwarf Hunter!

    I almost definitely will not have another child hehe Two are demanding/expensive enough 🙂

  3. I was the same way for the longest time. I’d read *only* fantasy. Started RPG’s with AD&D 2nd Ed. (was there ever a 1st Ed. of AD&D? LOL) and it was great for awhile but lacked some more intricate systems I wanted, so my group eventually switched over to Palladium FRPG which fit the bill nicely.

    Then the floodgates opened to new genres of RPG’s: Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, Rifts (love Rifts, love Rifts, love Rifts!), James Bond 007 (man was that a fun one!), Star Wars, Chill and others. However, I still read fantasy exclusively.

    It’s only been the past oh, ten years since I got this job and started reading again that I’ve expanded my horizons a bit. I still don’t do “hard-core” sci-fi because I don’t have the attention span for the slow, plodding scientific explanations of things I have no idea what they’re talking about anyway. Probably why I actually like Michael Bay movies — just let me veg for a couple hours and watch hot chicks blow shit up. Oh, books… heh! Nowadays, in addition to fantasy, I also really like Dean Koontz’s stuff. I read a few “modern horror” authors like Laurel K. Hamilton and Kim Harrison and Jim Butcher (Harry Dresden but also currently reading his high fantasy series). Matthew Reilly’s books are awesome and very much read like intense action movies, which I think is pretty much what he shoots for (pun intended).

    But gaming? It’s difficult to get a non-fantasy MMOG that’s worth a shit — EVE being one of the only exceptions, but only assuming you can actually tolerate EVE — but I do better just flat-out taking MMO breaks. I’m probably jaded at this point, but it’s so hard for me to get excited about new MMO’s at this point because all I see are more of the same. Different environments, different graphics, sure. But the same game. I’ll still have to play through the broken Diku-leveling game. I’ll still have to grind faction and reputation. I’ll still have to contend with the Unholy Trinity grouping system. I’ll still have to put up with everything else that MMO’s get wrong. That being the case, why should I constantly chase “new shinies” when they’re not new at all? I have my 360 when I honestly want something fresh or new, because MMO’s haven’t matured enough to deliver “fresh” and “new” yet.

  4. I started playing the game when it was divided into various tiers (probably around the time of 1st edition). I actually have the ‘basic’ book behind me on the shelf.

    Also on the shelf is: D&D Basic/Expert/Companion/Master/Immortals sets, AD&D 1st through to 4th editions (including 3.5), Shadowrun (1st through 3rd editions), Gamma World, Marvel Superheroes, Middle-Earth Roleplaying Game, Fantasy Heroes/Champions (yes, that Champions, I played it when I was a kid), Palladium (the stock RPG, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ninjas and Superspies, Heroes Unlimited, Robotech (Macross, Southern Cross and Invid Invasion) and Rifts) and Werewolf: The Apocolypse. I’ve played a bunch of others that I don’t own (Star Trek comes to mind).

    I also have tons of settings (Ruins of Undermountain, Kara-tur, City-State of the Invincible Overlord, Darksun, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Hollow World and Eberron) and I’ve played other table top games like Battletech, Interceptor/Centurion, Blood Bowl, Star Fleet Battles.

    I might try some of those authors once I get through the latest Wheel of Time book. My son actually got me a detective novel at his school’s ‘Christmas store’.

    I’m not burned out on MMOs, well, not entirely. I do still enjoy WoW because of the social aspect (I have all the cool people in my guild) and I do enjoy the challenge of the raids. I poked around and didn’t see any MMOs of interest. I see a few Sci-fi ones, but they don’t look like much more than DAoC in space with FPS battles.

    Thanks for all the replies, I think I’m just having a bit of a ‘low’ period; stress, winter, etc.

    Good times!

  5. Thanks, WordPress has some pretty slick preset blog templates. I need to sort out the header image though. I hacked it together from some screenshots in a few minutes heh

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