Silver Necklace…

I was driving to the mall after taking the Little Big Ogre to see Planet 51 (movie he wanted to see) when he says to me, “Daddy, I have a silver necklace!”

He sits right behind me in the van so I couldn’t quite see what he was talking about so I asked. “What? Where’d you get a necklace from?”

“I made it with my gum!”

5… 4… 3… 2…

“OW! It’s stuck in my hair! OW! OW! OW! I can’t get it out!”

I get to the mall and take a look at it in the parking lot. He had a big clump of gum stuck at the base of his skull. So I pulled some of it out (the part not stuck to any hair) and more and a little more. He’s screaming that it hurts the whole time, and I can see that – it’s cold out and the gum is now freezing.

I ask him if he wants to go home but he says no he will just over it with his hat. We were going to Gamestop to pick up Batman: Arkham Asylum for the PS3, he’s been wanting it for weeks now.

Fast forward to getting home where his mother and grandmother give their ways of getting it out of his hair – none of which work (freezing it with ice and using butter). The wife decides she’ll cut the remaining bit out.

That doesn’t work, it hurts too much and he’s panicking. I offer to use my trimmer and cut it out that way. He’s freaked out about that and thinks it’ll cut him so I show him on my hand that it doesn’t hurt, then on his hand but he still doesn’t trust it – he thinks it will pull the hair and hurt. So I shave a bit of hair off my arm and that convinces him.

Until I trim a bit off.

He panics and freaks out again.

So we go back to the scissors and I explain to him what it looks like and how I won’t cut the gum – which would pull his hair – instead I’ll cut the hair under the gum.

“Will it hurt?”

“I have no idea, I never had gum stuck in my hair before, but if it does, you tell me and I’ll stop.”

He was still nervous but I managed to get the gum out without hurting him any. I have a feeling he’ll be more careful with his gum in the future.

But I also have a feeling that the Little Little Ogre won’t be careful with his gum because he was quite excited about it all and wanted me to cut his hair too.

Which was sort of amazing of him; he was going to let me cut his hair to show his older brother it wasn’t going to hurt. That kid blows me away with how sweet and nice he can be even though his big brother can be quite mean to him.


2 thoughts on “Silver Necklace…

  1. Yeah, it is but I completely forgot about it (I actually remember an episode of The Office where that happened) and figured between his mother and his grandmother, one of them would have known.

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