DA:Origins, ME2 and WoW… Oh My!

I haven’t completed Dragon Age: Origins yet, but I swooped in, bought Mass Effect 2 and played it like a mad man.

I guess that confirms I’m starving for some good sci-fi (or non-medieval fantasy type)content. I’m even making a new Mass Effect character to play through the first one again so I can import it into Mass Effect 2.

That says something. If you know what it’s saying, let me know because I sure as hell don’t.

On the other hand, I don’t feel the, “meh, it’s medieval fantasy” feeling with WoW. I probably should be feeling that but I don’t.

I suspect it doesn’t feel like a medieval fantasy because the gameplay as a Hunter tends to be more active and I feel like I’m shooting things more than just whacking bad guys or healing people.

Star Trek Online is sci-fi but I feel no draw to that game. None.



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