A Tip for Internet N00bs…

You need to realize that if you’re going to post a comment to someone’s blog then you’re IP is going to get tracked. And that IP can reveal some pretty interesting information about you and where you’re connecting from.

Prime example, it took me two seconds to find this information and I could dig deeper if I wanted to bother but I figure the post originated from a childish fanboi who didn’t like what I had to say about Mass Effect 2.

While I don’t really care much for political correctness, I do draw a line at ignorant racism.

The internet isn’t as anonymous as it seems.



7 thoughts on “A Tip for Internet N00bs…

  1. Yes, that’s why I have monitoring on as well, though I work off approval. If I approve your comment you don’t have to wait for approval in the future.

    I didn’t delete it, I just didn’t approve it.

  2. You know what I don’t understand is why people don’t try to give constructive criticism instead of delving into petty name calling. I am guessing this person tried to post anonymously, lol.

  3. Pretty much.

    @Creep: I’m too lazy to commit to anything other than contacting their ISP and forwarding the lovely comment along. That’s next to useless most of the time but maybe, just maybe, someone’s mom might have a talking to the kid.

  4. Good point. Bleh, too bad they don’t associate some kind of gamer tags with folks like that.

    *annoyingNewb* Dies
    *annoyingNewb* Dies

    “Mommy, someone keeps killing my character!!!!”

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