Borderlands – More Thoughts…

I’ve been playing this on and off soloing as a Hunter (Mordecai) solo and as the Siren (Lilith) online with Tim (UFTimmy – the guy who is so nice to me in comments on this site).

It’s been good fun. I have to say I’m really enjoying both classes, but I definitely prefer the Hunter. Using an explosive sniper rifle is just too much fun.

Mordecai is level 21 or so and into the second area while Lilith is around level 18 or 19 and close to getting into the next area.

Tim has been flip-flopping around from the Hunter to the Soldier to Brick. He stuck it out with Brick the longest, lasting several sessions and now seems to be flopping back over to the Hunter. I admit I tried out each of the classes and was originally intending to use the Hunter in online games but I found it difficult to compensate for lag with Tim hosts (clearly his PC has issues translating my awesomeness and therefore lags).

I have to admit, the Berserk ability is pretty sweet… and hilarious. I really like that it wasn’t just a matter of getting bigger or stronger, the guy actually goes nuts! Raving and laughing maniacally as he pummels stuff with his fists.

The vehicles are pretty fun too, though I found the controls for driving them to be a little weird. I suspected it was some innate penalty to Driving since I was playing a woman.

The steering works in a way that where you are looking is where you are going so you steer by mouselook which seemed a little odd to me. I do like that when you’re solo you can fire rockets and when you’re playing two (or more) players you one of you can get in the turret and handle the rockets while the other person handles the forward mounted gun… and run shit over.

I really liked running shit over, almost as much as I enjoyed blowing up my targets with the sniper rifle.

I’m amazed at how much simple fun there is to this game. It’s not Mass Effect as far as RPGs go, in fact it’s more like a shooter with levels. Still, good mindless fun when you need it.


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