I Flat Out Refuse…

To pursue the next biggest MMO.

Unless it is The Old Republic because I’m sort of curious about that.


7 thoughts on “I Flat Out Refuse…

  1. Actually, I’ve been pretty good, Scott. I didn’t bother with Aion even though people were going apeshit about it. I tried the open beta of Champions and didn’t bother beyond that. I’ve stuck with WoW for… well, quite some time now.

    I hope so, Brian! I hope so!

  2. I’ll tell ya, 1) between flat-out not having a PC to game on, 2) having so much actual, legitimate FUN on the 360 compared to grinding MMO’s and occasionally having fun, and 3) my general anti-DIKU burnout altogether, I’ve been really enjoying NOT playing MMO’s for several months now.

    Granted, I’m looking forward to getting back but I’ll be honest: the RSI on my wrist is making me very nervous about it. I’ve been pain-free the whole time on the 360 but I know myself well enough that once I get this new PC running I’ll want to make up for lost time and I’ll be right back to the doctor and cursing PC’s…

  3. That’s because you’re weak! I work on a PC all day, get home and play on one all night… once the wife and kids are asleep.


  4. Nah it’s called major hardcore competitive FPS in the Q2/UT days. That was good and fine back then but it did the damage and us… uh… more “mature” guys now don’t take it as well! 🙂

  5. I was pretty hardcore with Q2 and UT… played all sorts of mods; RA2, LMCTF, etc. Even worked a little on my own mod including map building for MP or SP.

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