Ubisoft DRM

I hate DRM and I hate piracy.


Pirates can shove their cutlasses up their asses and take a bath in rum.

Because of you fucking cheap assholes, petty, cowardly and often hypocritical thieves, we – legit customers – end up suffering idiotic DRM schemes that never end up working anyway.

All that out of the way, I’m not sure why Ubisoft doesn’t adopt a licensing system similar to what some of the tools I work with use. The system is that a server exists and to use the software it connects to the server and makes sure licenses are available. If so, it works. If not, you get told there are no licenses in use.

This is sort of what they’re doing already so what’s the difference?

You can check a license out from the server and set an expiry date. If you run over that time with the license, it automatically is revoked and restored to the license server. If you’re done before that time, you can just check it back in. If you want more time, just need to pop online for a few seconds to check in the license and pull it back out.


The expiry date would be required, no “never” option simply because if you lose it, it’s gone.


7 thoughts on “Ubisoft DRM

  1. Sad thing is, the software folks I’m talking about have had this system in place for somewhere between 6-8 years. I’ve been using the software (in various versions) for over 12 years now.

  2. cowardly and often hypocritical

    Often? OFTEN? I’ve never seen a post by a pirate, or by anyone who was planning on getting a pirated game such as Assassin’s Creed 2 who WASN’T completely hypocritical. NEVER.

  3. If I was more in touch with the blogosphere, I might have known who you were talking about.

    I had other specific examples in mind like an artist that rages against people reusing his artwork but owns a library of dvds (including copied cover art) or a musician that becomes irrate about music piracy but has no problem using a cracked Windows OS.

  4. Here’s a bit of hypocrisy for ya: ask actual developers in the game industry how many pirated copies of games they’re playing currently. Not gifts from studio to studio or PR copies… outright pirated copies. Then see how many of them turn around and complain about piracy on the PC…

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