Don’t Hate the Playa…

The LittleBigOgre (6 years old) recently caused his school to call home with a concern. The concern was that he was giving one of the girls in his class a ring. Two rings actually. One of them being a gold and diamond ring.

When asked where he got it from, he responded with, “My mom’s jewelry box. She doesn’t use them anymore.”

When asked why he gave the girl the ring he answered, “She wants to marry me.”

Our sources later informed us that there was some kissing with this girl, who is a grade higher than the LittleBigOgre. We asked the LittleBigOgre about this kissing and he defended himself by saying, “It was her idea.”


He then asked, “Can {name removed for the protection of the child} come over for a play date?” and “Can she sleep over?”



One thought on “Don’t Hate the Playa…

  1. LittleBigOgre isn’t messing around, or is he? He seems to be starting at a pretty early age.

    It seems he has alot of knowledge about rings, and marriage going hand in hand. I think maybe he has been watching the Oxygen channel with his mother too much.

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