Marksman Hunter Tricks Compiled…

I was looking over some raid logs this morning and noted I’m either ahead of or close to two of the other hunters in my guild when they really should be blowing me (and others) out of the water. I think some of this is due to missing out on some of the nuances of being a Marksman Hunter so I compiled some tips for them.

Some of these are from researching the web, some are from experience and a good number are from our raid leader and his Hunter buddies on another server (some of this goes back to discussions while I was in Paranormal Society).

I might as well share here as well:

What is your shot rotation?

You have dropped Arcane Shot from your rotation, right? Arcane Shot is not as good mana/damage as Steady Shot, you’re better off dropping Arcane Shot since it you’ll find yourself needing to Viper up which hurts overall DPS.

Your shot rotation should be Serpent Sting -> Chimera Shot -> Aimed Shot -> Steady Shot (x2 or x3 depending on your haste).

Obviously you want to use Kill Shot immediately when it’s available.

When are you burning your cooldowns?

You’re not saving them for Heroism, are you? Rapid Fire does NOT stack with Heroism since they’re both hastes and Heroism will put you at the Haste cap therefore Rapid Fire is wasted. You should be using your Rapid Fire/Readiness/Rapid Fire when you know Heroism is NOT coming.

When this gets used is going to depend on what fight it is, but generally we don’t fire Heroism until later in the fight so getting this off right at the beginning is best – it also means if the fight runs long, you’ll be able to fire it all off a second time which could mean reaping the benefits of Kill Shot, Readiness, Kill Shot at the tail end.

When are you reapplying Serpent’s Sting?

You’re applying Serpent’s Sting when you have the 2pc T10 bonus going as well?

In some cases, you want to do it when all three or four stars align: 2pc T10 bonus is up (it’s raw extra %s damage!), Heroism, Deathwhisper’s trinket procs and Death’s Verdict procs (assuming you have all four). View each addition of these as a step up when it is a step up. When you see a better combination active, slip Serpent Sting in (i.e. you’ve got regular sting running and paragon procs; reapply.. 2pc T10 procs while paragon is up, reapply… etc.) – I use Power Auras to notify me when certain buffs are up.

Once you get a Serpent Sting running with all that do not Sting again (unless you’ve got a better combination going), just keep it going with Chimera. (If you’re using a 2pc T9 set for the sting crits you should be seeing some really sweet DoT crit damage from this.)

You may also want to tab Sting things when there is the opportunity to do so; tab to various targets and drop a Serpent Sting on them. Some of the best Hunters out there maintain Serpent Sting on at least two targets by alternating Chimera shots between the two. I’m not a fan of this because it’s a bit of a numbers thing (I’d rather get the boss down and save the Chimera Shot damage for the boss), but I do have to tab Sting since my 4pc T10 proc only triggers off Sting tick damages. The more Stings I have going, the more ticks and the better chance of the 4pc buff going off (keep that in mind if you go for the 4pc T10).

(This can and does include things like max stacks of the Hekumi trinket from T10, the T10 4pc set bonus, wolf pet buff, etc.)

When do you use Misdirection?

Misdirection is your friend. It’s quick to cast if macro’ed, dumps threat (increases tank threat too) and means you don’t have to FD to clear agro which is more of a loss of DPS than firing MD. It’s also not just an agro dump, it’s a tool for redirecting mobs off healers or other casters (but mainly healers).

Use it off the get go since you are likely also making use of your cooldowns so that’s even more of a threat dump/boost to the tank. I slip this in almost every time it is available on boss fights (if you check recent logs, I use it almost twice as often as other Hunters and it doesn’t hurt my DPS on bosses).

(Side note: checking logs from last night’s raid, I MDed 78 times, another hunter MDed 48 times and the other one MDed 8 times.)

Are you having mana issues?

Look for good times to use Aspect of the Viper in raids so you can keep mana up for phases where it will matter. Two immediate examples are Sindragosa’s ice blocking phase (if you’re targeted to be an ice block, use it or even use it while outside the block to control DPS on the ice blocks) and try to switch to it before the ‘stunning’ phases of Putricide. Just remember to switch back.

If you are hurting for mana and need to switch, only use Steady Shot. It’s low mana cost will actually help in getting mana back faster. In some cases I might fire Rapid Fire if it’s up for a quick burst of mana regen.

Potions/consumables are your friend as well.

(I slack here a bit, I almost never have Mana Pots, I don’t use the pot that increases the mana pool and I never have the AGI scrolls but I do use my mammoth treats on the pooch and dragonfin food for myself – 40 AGI > 80 AtkPwr.  )

You know about the stutter step and the jump shot?

Stutter step is taking a brief pause when moving to let autoshot go then continuing. The idea is that autoshot will not fire while you’re moving but the cooldown on it triggering still counts down. If you’re moving for long stretches, pause every sec, face the mob and let the autoshot get off. Once you get a feel for timing it’s easy.

Jump shot is just being able to flip your view around to the boss (or target) while running away so you can pop off some of your instant shots. People do this while jumping = jump keeps you moving forward, mouse look back, fire instant at mob, mouse look forward to land and keep moving away.

You can also do this while strafing, it just takes a little more finger dexterity.

Examples of where these are useful would be Bonestorm from Marrowgar and other fights that have you kiting or running away from the boss (Bloodfiends on Saurfang).

It’s not just a faceroll…


Every now and then I forget people read this. Lately, I’ve had a couple of posts that are based on frustrations at work (one big reason why I haven’t posted a lot lately) that are compounding and pouring over into other things making them more difficult to enjoy. It sounds odd and it’s not easy to explain because it’s a boatload of shit just burying me.

Morning after morning is met by frustration in things not being delivered and then helplessness as I have no way of reaching people that are involved because they’re done for the day when I’m getting into work – even though I’m getting into work fairly early. My whole day is then a swarm of questions about various things that I’m not sure about because the people that did them before are gone.

That’s another big source of frustration. People were cut that had expertise in areas that were more important than the people making the cuts realized. On top of that we’re still training replacements abroad and locally. Nothing is better than seeing people you worked with for over 10 years let go then have them replaced by new people – but hey, they have Comp Sci degrees so they know what they’re doing right?

Fuck no.

I’ve never seen so many green people with degrees. The best guy we have on our team so far (from the new people) isn’t in Comp Sci. When will HR people learn that degrees often mean jack shit. You don’t want the guy with the Comp Sci degree, you want the guy who hangs out in his basement and codes shit because he likes it not the kid that gets into Computers because he thinks there is money there…

Because of all that, I get more and more heaped on my shoulders and I find myself surrounded by people unwilling to pick up the slack or make their own decisions when they know what to do, they’re just unwilling to do so. This frustrates me more than anything else because it’s adding weight to me when they know what the heck to do. I get prodded instead of them just deciding and just passing out the decision to the new people.

All the crap at work puts me on edge, my nerves are frayed and so I get home and I’m irritable there. Kids fighting (or doing other things they shouldn’t be doing), wife nagging (asking more than once is nagging!) and just the sight of the mother in law being there is enough to set me off – even though I realize she’s trying to be helpful, I just feel like a soup kitchen.

Awhile back I contemplated my ‘tiredness’ of the whole fantasy genre and I considered dropping my Wednesday night group, not for long, but I considered it. I’ve considered dropping WoW and gaming for awhile, until work stuff is sorted out but again, I realized it is one of the few outlets I have so it really wouldn’t help to drop either of them.

(There is some minor frustration and stress caused recently by a long time gaming buddy not fitting in with the guild and the minor fallout from that. Honestly, I knew the raid times weren’t going to work for him and it was only a matter of time before he left. Unfortunately, his times don’t work for me while these ones do.)

Generally, when things I enjoy don’t seem fun it’s not because they’re not fun, it’s just it’s hard to have fun. It’s really easy to focus on the negative and let it bury me so I’ve got to be careful and focus more on the positives. (I haven’t posted everything, some things are private or private to family members.)

Like my youngest placing third in bowling for the provincials in his age group and being an incredible reader for only being four years old. Or my oldest losing his first tooth and also doing outstanding at school.

My wife (for all her nagging) puts up with a lot and helps out more than she should have to – housework, picking up the kids, dealing with her mom, cooking (sometimes), cleaning, groceries and everything else I feel too drained to bother doing. I’m really spoiled.

I think I need to send her some flowers or something…

Need Sleep But…

I want to catch the second part of Castle tonight which airs later in the evening.

My parents set me on to that show and I’ve been watching it (and some of the reruns) over the last couple of months. I have to admit I do enjoy it, getting the odd laugh here and there.

Is it predictable?

A little. But it’s also fun.

Posted in TV.

Holy $h!7…

As I mentioned earlier, I got my Shadow/Holy Priest Deleciel up to level 80. I’ve been busy mucking around with Jewelcrafting on Smaken, working up Emblems of Frost on Lannister and Smaken both and trying to gear up the Priest to actually be allowed into the level 80 regular dungeons – it turns out, you cannot enter them through the Dungeon Finder if your gear is too low.

That meant getting some more gear. So I ran some of the dungeons available in the Dungeon Finder, got some blues and bought up some other gear, including a purple (epic). I did that as Shadow Priest and was often asked why I wasn’t doing heroics since my DPS was around 1.2-1.8k. IMO, it’s a bit low for a Heroic, but then I remembered Smaken was only doing around 800 DPS when he first popped into Heroics, I was almost twice that with the Priest.

No Tim, this is not a new main. :p

Now that I was eligible for some lower end regular level 80 dungeons and some lower end heroics, I started queuing up for those with Kaldonar (Frank) and his son. They made me go heals for the last two dungeons.

First Heroic?


Fortunately it’s been nerfed to the point where it’s easier overall. Either way, it was challenging when I didn’t know which key mods and clicks were what heals. I quickly discovered Shift+Button4 was Prayer of Mending (seems nice to have on the tank when he’s entering combat), Button4 was Greater Heal, Button5 was Renew, Shift+LeftButton is Binding Heal and finally found that Shift+Butto5 was Flash Heal – which I heard was the main one to use.

I think I’m wrong in that regard though. I still have to find some time to corner our Holy Priest Healing Advisor guy and ask some questions. There are a bunch of Prayers and stuff I don’t know what they’re going for yet (or what they do for that matter).

Next run was Heroic Nexus which was a mostly guild member run. This was a bit of a speed run where the tank didn’t stop… in fact, I think the tank was still in his Retribution spec (he was one of the higher end DPS guys from our raid group).

That was fun. I did get a little help from Kaldonar on heals (he was rocking the Laserchicken spec).

Target In Sights…

We down Sindragossa last night then swept into the Blood Quarter to spank the Princes and the Queen. That left…

Arthas, the Lich King.

We zoned over to take a look and to give the fight one quick try to see what it looks like. Videos are one thing and actually doing it is another thing entirely. There are usually things said in the video that don’t make sense until you’re doing the encounter, then it’s one of those, “Oh! That’s what they meant!” moments.

We spanked him for a minute or so, getting him down by (not to) 14% before we wiped it up.

The cool part?

You could march right up to the Frozen Throne and dance around him because the encounter doesn’t start until you start up the opening RP.

I’d post some screenshots but they’re at home. I’m hoping the guild site will have some up there soon…

Dreamwalker Down… err.. Up…

This was the dragon fight I was talking about. You spend most of the fight healing and protecting the boss mob instead of killing it. Honestly It seems one of our Druids recorded the fight and put it up on Youtube.

Unfortunately, no funnies from me in it since I was all focused on trying to tackle the problem mobs and kite exploding zombies from both sides at the point where I was asked to cover the other side. But I do throw a, “Yes!” in there and complain about not being able to get any mana back. That’s where I thought I had switched to Viper but was wrong.


EDIT: I meant to comment about how raids are very different from what you typically see in previous MMOs; they still require coordination and teamwork, if anything – more of that, but they also add in a fair number of extra activities so it’s not just straight up damage dealing and healing.

Long gone are the days of the CHeal chain.

Chef Smaken and Another 80…

I managed to hit level 80 with the Priest I had created to play along side my son’s Paladin (which is still level 70 and hasn’t been played in a few weeks).

In other news, Smaken managed to get the Chef Hat and attached title. I was so excited about it, I wore the hat through our ICC raid tonight where we did the dragon healing fight and Blood Council.

Apparently, I forgot to switch it out when I was done making some Dragonfish Filets and left it on all raid. I have Show Helmets off so I didn’t know. Someone inspected me at the end of the raid and noticed.

Much laughing ensued.

I still put up over 6k DPS.


Just wondering what other people think. When I wander into someone’s cube or office and see they’re they’re eating I apologize and let them know I’ll come back later. I don’t linger around and talk about stuff that could be talked about later.

Am I crazy?

Yes, okay, I know I’m crazy, but I think in this case, the polite thing to do is not disrupt the person eating… doesn’t that go back to an instinctual level where we would snarl and bare teeth at someone approaching your food?

Rut Roh…

A poll went up about raid times for the new merged guild and I’ll be blunt… both choices suck dirty donkey dick for me. Not that I know what that’s like… but you can imagine it would be horrid.

I either miss out on ‘progression’ 25 man raid or a ‘progression’ 10 man raid because both those options have one or the other slotted for Wednesday nights which is a night that has been reserved for my D&D group since… jeez, I forget how long, but longer than either of my children have been alive.

If those options go through, I’ll be missing out on a raid that offers ‘points’ (for EQ people think DKP, for WoW people it’s EPGP stuffs). Not a horrible set back unless it’s the 25 man night because that’s where the worthwhile upgrades are from.

Raiding isn’t all about the loot, but I do want to advance my character and if I can’t do that because I’m already handicapped by being unable to attend one night then I might have to look around for other options.

I know, boo hoo, you miss a night of potential gear upgrades. If that was the only issue I’d suck it up because there are a very select few people that compete for the same loot that I do – by missing the first night of 25 man I miss out on the same bosses from week to week which denies me certain drops. On the bright side, I wouldn’t have to do the same content over and over.

The problem is, I’m already ‘sucking it up’ (not the dirty donkey dick) with raid times because the raid nights run a little too long so that’s one issue I was willing to deal with (i.e. last night we finished a little after 1 AM my time).

There is only so much sucking it up I can do before what is supposed to be fun becomes not fun.

/watch poll