Borderlands: Destroyer Down

Yup, I completed it. Downed the Destroyer at the end. It took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on with the Destroyer but once I did, I took him down.

I played through as the Hunter (Mordecai) mainly speced for Sniper and some Gunslinger. I had a kick ass sniper rifle that was just blowing limbs off the Destroyer.


I quickly figured out you had to shoot the purple knobs in the tentacles to destroy those arms else they’d shoot some purple stuff at you that made clouds where they land meaning you had to find other cover. Once they were killed, you could switch to it’s main eye for a bit.

The other threat is the big front tentacles which will slap the ground in front of the Destroyer creating a shockwave and causing knockback.

One last attack ability manifests later in the fight – that big eye you were shooting? Well, it shoots back.

After awhile it will wrap two big tentacles around nearby stones and pull itself out of the portal some more. I think it also grows the purple shit flinging tentacles back. This may mean you have to move to new cover or it might not.

As the Hunter, I was using my Sniper rifle on the purple knobs in the tentacle which meant it was a one shot kill (shooting there is critical on the tentacle – I was doing over 6k damage to each tentacle) and then I’d switch to my assault rifle or the SMG I had.

The assault rifle was a ‘yellow’ con item, which is second from the best (orange being the best), and had electricity element effect on it which works really well on the aliens. The SMG was ‘blue’ or ‘green’ con but it had acid element attached which is pretty nasty.

Yes, it was a little disappointing because you don’t actually get to go into the vault. You get to hand over the vault key to the chick for almost 300k – which was a drop in the pan since I’ve got almost 3 million on me.

Oh, and the planet’s name, “Pandora”? Yeah, it’s foreshadowing with the vault being her box.

Let’s reflect on that a moment. I said, “her box”.

Moving on, I was rewarded with a pretty sweet Sniper Rifle that is a base of over 300 damage (the one I was using was 400+ damage base) but also electric x4 (which makes the damage insane), it bursts on impact doing splash damage, it has a large mag and pretty quick rate of fire. It’s an “orange” con weapon.

Once you’ve beaten the game and cleaned up any quests (including handing over the vault key) you can play through again (exiting to the main menu then selecting the character again) and all the enemies will be scaled up. At first I didn’t think that was the case because I was killing them with one shot of my new rifle, but I checked the level and they were all in around the right range.

I will likely play through again (weird of me saying that) simply to max out the level – I think he’s level 38 or 39 at the moment and I will pick up the extra content – they’re only 10$ each so…


2 thoughts on “Borderlands: Destroyer Down

  1. I finished playthrough 2 a couple days ago and the reward was 1.8 million and change. My drops have been crap though, my favorite gun is still a lvl 21 incendiary SMG that I got on playthrough 1…

    RNG doesn’t show me any love.

  2. I am thinking I need to start playing this game again, loved it the first time I finished it.

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