Just wondering what other people think. When I wander into someone’s cube or office and see they’re they’re eating I apologize and let them know I’ll come back later. I don’t linger around and talk about stuff that could be talked about later.

Am I crazy?

Yes, okay, I know I’m crazy, but I think in this case, the polite thing to do is not disrupt the person eating… doesn’t that go back to an instinctual level where we would snarl and bare teeth at someone approaching your food?


2 thoughts on “Rude?

  1. The only people who get to watch me eat when I’m at my desk are my dogs.

    They even get the leftovers sometimes. I wouldn’t do that for cubicle colleagues. 😛

  2. Do they drool? The dogs I used to have were droolers.

    The work colleague didn’t quite drool… but it was close, I heard him slurp!

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