Rut Roh…

A poll went up about raid times for the new merged guild and I’ll be blunt… both choices suck dirty donkey dick for me. Not that I know what that’s like… but you can imagine it would be horrid.

I either miss out on ‘progression’ 25 man raid or a ‘progression’ 10 man raid because both those options have one or the other slotted for Wednesday nights which is a night that has been reserved for my D&D group since… jeez, I forget how long, but longer than either of my children have been alive.

If those options go through, I’ll be missing out on a raid that offers ‘points’ (for EQ people think DKP, for WoW people it’s EPGP stuffs). Not a horrible set back unless it’s the 25 man night because that’s where the worthwhile upgrades are from.

Raiding isn’t all about the loot, but I do want to advance my character and if I can’t do that because I’m already handicapped by being unable to attend one night then I might have to look around for other options.

I know, boo hoo, you miss a night of potential gear upgrades. If that was the only issue I’d suck it up because there are a very select few people that compete for the same loot that I do – by missing the first night of 25 man I miss out on the same bosses from week to week which denies me certain drops. On the bright side, I wouldn’t have to do the same content over and over.

The problem is, I’m already ‘sucking it up’ (not the dirty donkey dick) with raid times because the raid nights run a little too long so that’s one issue I was willing to deal with (i.e. last night we finished a little after 1 AM my time).

There is only so much sucking it up I can do before what is supposed to be fun becomes not fun.

/watch poll


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