Chef Smaken and Another 80…

I managed to hit level 80 with the Priest I had created to play along side my son’s Paladin (which is still level 70 and hasn’t been played in a few weeks).

In other news, Smaken managed to get the Chef Hat and attached title. I was so excited about it, I wore the hat through our ICC raid tonight where we did the dragon healing fight and Blood Council.

Apparently, I forgot to switch it out when I was done making some Dragonfish Filets and left it on all raid. I have Show Helmets off so I didn’t know. Someone inspected me at the end of the raid and noticed.

Much laughing ensued.

I still put up over 6k DPS.


3 thoughts on “Chef Smaken and Another 80…

  1. 1. NEW MAIN!!!!

    2. Imagine how much DPS you would have done if you had forgotten your pants instead?

  2. 1. No!
    2. Yes!

    It was funny, Jason commented that the night went pretty smoothly but I had a number of gafs that weren’t noticed. Like not having used a flask until the Blood Council.

    During the boss dragon of healing (you have to heal a dragon up to full while other things are spawning and trying to kill it while jumping in and out of portals) I ran out of mana and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t going back up after switching to Viper – only I was actually still in Dragonhawk.

    And then there was the chef hat.

    Oh, and apparently I was really funny in vent too. Only I don’t remember what I said that was so funny…

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