Dreamwalker Down… err.. Up…

This was the dragon fight I was talking about. You spend most of the fight healing and protecting the boss mob instead of killing it. Honestly It seems one of our Druids recorded the fight and put it up on Youtube.

Unfortunately, no funnies from me in it since I was all focused on trying to tackle the problem mobs and kite exploding zombies from both sides at the point where I was asked to cover the other side. But I do throw a, “Yes!” in there and complain about not being able to get any mana back. That’s where I thought I had switched to Viper but was wrong.


EDIT: I meant to comment about how raids are very different from what you typically see in previous MMOs; they still require coordination and teamwork, if anything – more of that, but they also add in a fair number of extra activities so it’s not just straight up damage dealing and healing.

Long gone are the days of the CHeal chain.


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