Holy $h!7…

As I mentioned earlier, I got my Shadow/Holy Priest Deleciel up to level 80. I’ve been busy mucking around with Jewelcrafting on Smaken, working up Emblems of Frost on Lannister and Smaken both and trying to gear up the Priest to actually be allowed into the level 80 regular dungeons – it turns out, you cannot enter them through the Dungeon Finder if your gear is too low.

That meant getting some more gear. So I ran some of the dungeons available in the Dungeon Finder, got some blues and bought up some other gear, including a purple (epic). I did that as Shadow Priest and was often asked why I wasn’t doing heroics since my DPS was around 1.2-1.8k. IMO, it’s a bit low for a Heroic, but then I remembered Smaken was only doing around 800 DPS when he first popped into Heroics, I was almost twice that with the Priest.

No Tim, this is not a new main. :p

Now that I was eligible for some lower end regular level 80 dungeons and some lower end heroics, I started queuing up for those with Kaldonar (Frank) and his son. They made me go heals for the last two dungeons.

First Heroic?


Fortunately it’s been nerfed to the point where it’s easier overall. Either way, it was challenging when I didn’t know which key mods and clicks were what heals. I quickly discovered Shift+Button4 was Prayer of Mending (seems nice to have on the tank when he’s entering combat), Button4 was Greater Heal, Button5 was Renew, Shift+LeftButton is Binding Heal and finally found that Shift+Butto5 was Flash Heal – which I heard was the main one to use.

I think I’m wrong in that regard though. I still have to find some time to corner our Holy Priest Healing Advisor guy and ask some questions. There are a bunch of Prayers and stuff I don’t know what they’re going for yet (or what they do for that matter).

Next run was Heroic Nexus which was a mostly guild member run. This was a bit of a speed run where the tank didn’t stop… in fact, I think the tank was still in his Retribution spec (he was one of the higher end DPS guys from our raid group).

That was fun. I did get a little help from Kaldonar on heals (he was rocking the Laserchicken spec).


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