Target In Sights…

We down Sindragossa last night then swept into the Blood Quarter to spank the Princes and the Queen. That left…

Arthas, the Lich King.

We zoned over to take a look and to give the fight one quick try to see what it looks like. Videos are one thing and actually doing it is another thing entirely. There are usually things said in the video that don’t make sense until you’re doing the encounter, then it’s one of those, “Oh! That’s what they meant!” moments.

We spanked him for a minute or so, getting him down by (not to) 14% before we wiped it up.

The cool part?

You could march right up to the Frozen Throne and dance around him because the encounter doesn’t start until you start up the opening RP.

I’d post some screenshots but they’re at home. I’m hoping the guild site will have some up there soon…


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