Every now and then I forget people read this. Lately, I’ve had a couple of posts that are based on frustrations at work (one big reason why I haven’t posted a lot lately) that are compounding and pouring over into other things making them more difficult to enjoy. It sounds odd and it’s not easy to explain because it’s a boatload of shit just burying me.

Morning after morning is met by frustration in things not being delivered and then helplessness as I have no way of reaching people that are involved because they’re done for the day when I’m getting into work – even though I’m getting into work fairly early. My whole day is then a swarm of questions about various things that I’m not sure about because the people that did them before are gone.

That’s another big source of frustration. People were cut that had expertise in areas that were more important than the people making the cuts realized. On top of that we’re still training replacements abroad and locally. Nothing is better than seeing people you worked with for over 10 years let go then have them replaced by new people – but hey, they have Comp Sci degrees so they know what they’re doing right?

Fuck no.

I’ve never seen so many green people with degrees. The best guy we have on our team so far (from the new people) isn’t in Comp Sci. When will HR people learn that degrees often mean jack shit. You don’t want the guy with the Comp Sci degree, you want the guy who hangs out in his basement and codes shit because he likes it not the kid that gets into Computers because he thinks there is money there…

Because of all that, I get more and more heaped on my shoulders and I find myself surrounded by people unwilling to pick up the slack or make their own decisions when they know what to do, they’re just unwilling to do so. This frustrates me more than anything else because it’s adding weight to me when they know what the heck to do. I get prodded instead of them just deciding and just passing out the decision to the new people.

All the crap at work puts me on edge, my nerves are frayed and so I get home and I’m irritable there. Kids fighting (or doing other things they shouldn’t be doing), wife nagging (asking more than once is nagging!) and just the sight of the mother in law being there is enough to set me off – even though I realize she’s trying to be helpful, I just feel like a soup kitchen.

Awhile back I contemplated my ‘tiredness’ of the whole fantasy genre and I considered dropping my Wednesday night group, not for long, but I considered it. I’ve considered dropping WoW and gaming for awhile, until work stuff is sorted out but again, I realized it is one of the few outlets I have so it really wouldn’t help to drop either of them.

(There is some minor frustration and stress caused recently by a long time gaming buddy not fitting in with the guild and the minor fallout from that. Honestly, I knew the raid times weren’t going to work for him and it was only a matter of time before he left. Unfortunately, his times don’t work for me while these ones do.)

Generally, when things I enjoy don’t seem fun it’s not because they’re not fun, it’s just it’s hard to have fun. It’s really easy to focus on the negative and let it bury me so I’ve got to be careful and focus more on the positives. (I haven’t posted everything, some things are private or private to family members.)

Like my youngest placing third in bowling for the provincials in his age group and being an incredible reader for only being four years old. Or my oldest losing his first tooth and also doing outstanding at school.

My wife (for all her nagging) puts up with a lot and helps out more than she should have to – housework, picking up the kids, dealing with her mom, cooking (sometimes), cleaning, groceries and everything else I feel too drained to bother doing. I’m really spoiled.

I think I need to send her some flowers or something…


4 thoughts on “Ugh…

  1. I have a Comp Sci degree and there are no basements in Florida.

    f your generalizations.

    Btw, I have a new main for you. Ranter.

  2. I for one feel your pain, at least as far as the work thing goes- we are also in the process of consolidating a lot of work in the hands of far fewer people and the ‘powers that be’ don’t seem to appreciate the years of experience they are losing and the problems that is going to cause in the future. When it does go wrong, they will of course blame the ones who got way too much dumped on them. Hope it gets better for you… C

  3. @UFTimmy: I thought you dug a hole under your house anyway? Just to act as a natural cooling area for all those monitors you use… You’re the kind of guy I’m talking about; you get the comp sci because you like computers and puttzing around with things, not because you think you’re going to be making six figures right out of school.

    @Celem: Thanks man, on the bright side (your brightside) isn’t it hard to offshore lawyer-type jobs? Even still, losing people with a lot of experience hurts. 🙂

  4. I can sympathize about the work situation. I was in a similar position at my last job. Overseas office (you can guess where) and some poor layoff/hiring decisions but with no adjustment of deadlines. Fortunately I was able to find a better job and haven’t been happier, just took a while to find one. Hope things turn better for you soon.

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