Dawn of War II Beat and Chaos Rising…

I managed to steal some time to focus on finally beating this game. I lost my previous save game when I upgraded to Windows 7 and that save was sitting on the last mission. In a burst of gaming time I managed to get from level 5 all the way through to level 20 and finally went on the last mission.

This was inspired by the expansion being available, Chaos Rising, which I also bought and started playing though I didn’t get far.

A couple of gripes about the game overall:

  • I miss being able to build a base
  • I miss being able to build an army how I see fit
  • I miss holding points
  • I miss being able to save progress during a mission so I can come back to it (seems you have to exit missions to save)

A couple of gripes about the expansion:

  • I hate that my terminator armor suits are disabled
  • I hate that my squads start with gear that isn’t as good as I have in my stockpile (likely due to my first gripe)
  • I dislike that when you import from the previous campaign you’re tossed right into a mission (see fourth gripe above)
  • I’m not keen on there being prompts for interaction in the mission briefing without there being any choice (that I’m aware of) – if you’re going to try to add an RP element to the game, you need to give choices and let those choices have an impact.

I do admit I like the destructible terrain and wargear aspect of the game. I do like that the squads have personality and that was extended on in Chaos Rising.

I’m looking forward to playing the expansion when I get to it… which will likely be sometime next year.


2 thoughts on “Dawn of War II Beat and Chaos Rising…

  1. First of all let me know if you want to try some coop or last stand mode, I love this game. In regards to the terminator armor, you will eventually get to use it.

  2. The tooltip suggests that it was broken and needs repair by a Tech Priest. I’m not a fan of giving something then taking it away even though the ‘character’ is the same level or higher.

    In other words, I paid my dues and earned the Terminator armor so I should be able to use it dammit!

    Coop would be interesting. I buy through Steam so I’m on there. I’ll have to figure out what my ‘friend’ name is… I suspect it’s “SmakenDahed”.

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