Inflation Hurts…

When I was a kid I got a quarter (25 cents) for my tooth. My son got a toonie (2$) for his first one but the neighbor also did something that netted him another 5$. Of course, that set a minimum for teeth… it’s 5$ now. So for his second tooth the Tooth Fairy gave him 5$.

This morning he was disappointed it wasn’t 7$ or even more. He asked why it wasn’t another ‘bill’ like 10 or 50.

I explained to him that when I was his age, I only got 25 cents and that was good enough for lots of candy or even a small bag of chips. I pointed out that he has enough for a whole lot of candy, a small toy or a couple large bags of chips (not that I’m encouraging him to buy junk food). I also suggested the Tooth Fairy might get upset at his demands for more and just not bring him anything.

To his credit, he does save the money, along with money from Easter or other events, to buy a Lego set or two. He doesn’t spend it on junk food or candy or anything like that.


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