I got a decent amount of sleep last night, managing to hit the sack just a short while after midnight. I admit, I feel better today for it. I managed to resist the call to run some heroics.

Heroics? We don’t need no stinkin’ heroics?!

I don’t, but I do. I run the daily on three different level 80 characters (DPS, Tank/DPS, Heals/DPS) and try to do the Jewelcrafting, Cooking and Fishing dailies on my main. Fortunately he’s DPS so he’s got about a 15 minute wait for a random PUG which is about how long it takes me to get those profession dailies done.

All my characters can use Emblems of Frost.

Smaken (DPS) – I want to get the T10 helm (95 emblems) and replace my gloves with Logsplitters (60 emblems). Other than that, he needs a couple of more Primordial Saronite to get some crafted boots made. Once he’s done with that, I still can use the emblems for PVP gear. Until then, he’s using the Emblems of Triumph to buy up some PVP gear or epic gems.

Lannister (DPS/Tank) – While I want to get him some T10 pieces, I’m holding off because he’s another source of Primordial Saronite. The lesser badges go towards gems mainly. It’s instant queue for him since he’s got a decent tank set (T9 with a few higher end pieces).

Deleciel (Heals/DPS) – Is in dire need of gear. She’s earned enough Frost for a Primordial Saronite so far and two pieces of T9. I’m not spending the emblems on anything else until she gets into a full set of T9 with some of the other upgrades along the way (i.e. epic drops from some of the heroics). I was getting a lot of compliments from the tank I had last night. I’m not sure if I was doing a good job, he was taking pity on me because of all the greens and blues I have or if he was just being nice because my toon is female so he assumed I was too…

I’m not heart broken if I miss a day or two of dailies or skip out on one character so there is something to consider cutting back on but I really do enjoy the varied gameplay; DPS, tank then heals. It’s a nice change up.

The other thing that has (more recently) been a draw to play into the wee hours has been PVPing with some of the guildies. It’s been fun, a little too much fun and I find myself falling into the trap of, “Oh okay, just one more Battleground!”.

Smaken is in dire need of a PVP set. So far he only has a belt which is around the T9 range. Once I get him a set together, I might consider helping out on some arena teams.

There is talk about making the 25 man run on Monday’s a little more valuable in hopes of getting people to commit to a third night for 25s. Technically, it’s already supposed to be a third night but attendance is low.


Probably a number of reasons.

  1. It may be the third 25 man night, but there are also two other nights for 10 mans (Wednesday and Sunday) and one for alts (Friday or Saturday). That’s six nights a week available for raiding. That’s a lot.
  2. By Monday, we’ve already had two nights of raiding 25 mans so we’re up to the tougher bosses, ones we’re not doing so well against so I’m sure some people just view it as a waste of time and don’t want to show up until we really stand a chance.
  3. Mondays are just evil. I find Mondays extra draining.

Personally, it’s item #1. While I don’t raid on Wednesday (usually), I am still out that night. Which leaves me with Friday or Saturday night for wife time.

No matter how awful I am, she still wants time with me. It’s the cost of being awesome I guess.

We usually take Monday to catch up on TV shows we’ve PVRed (The Mentalist, The Office, etc.) or some that are on that day (such as House, Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Castle, etc.).

All that to say, I’m considering skipping out on the 10 mans since I’ll almost definitely miss the start of them (Monday) and I could probably use more sleep or wife time.

I personally prefer the 10 mans since they’re closer knit, generally have fewer variables on the road to success and we’re already up to poking the Lich King.

Just some thinking out loud, I haven’t decided just yet. All I know is that I cannot maintain 5 or 6 nights of raiding a week.

p.s. No Tim, I’m not going to switch to my Priest.


2 thoughts on “Sleep++

  1. The life of an MMORPG. Just one more level, one more scan of the AH, one more arena fight, etc. It is always something, and the next thing you know you are on 3 hours later than you wanted to be.

  2. I apply that thought to most types of games… FPS, RTS and definitely Turn Based Strategies. Geez, I had to uninstall Civ4 and hide the CDs after spending several nights up until 3 and 4 AM… “Just one more turn… oh look, in two more turns I get unit X! Okay, I’ll stop after that. Oh! I can build a tank in a couple of turns! I’ll stop after that…”

    It was evil.

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