Cable Bill…

I figured out why my cable bill took a jump up this month. When I bought the receiver (HD with PVR) with my new LCD (120mhz, 42”) TV the local cable provider (Rogers) offered me a free trial package for two months.

Well the free two months ran out and I forgot to cancel it so I called them yesterday about it. It appears you can go to their website to add packages but they don’t let you remove them without calling in.

Go figure.

The package was about 20$ more a month which really wasn’t a big savings and I should look at it again to see if I can hack off a bit more. I figured while I had their ear I’d ask about the other issues I was having…

I was getting fewer channels upstairs than I was downstairs which included the HD sports package and the time shifting. They promptly sorted that out.

In closing, they offered me a two month trial of the HD Nature package (I checked the price for that online – its about 8$ a month) which I debated getting for the kids so I figured I’d try it out.

Any bets that I forget to cancel it before the free two months runs out?


One thought on “Cable Bill…

  1. Comcrap does the same thing. You can add a million different things online, but try to find a cancel service, or remove services, or change packages and you won’t find it.

    They want to torture you, and convince you stay as a customer. usually it always works out pretty good for me. I complain about the prices, take back the dvr, etc, and before I hang up I am getting everything I wanted for cheaper than what they advertise on tv for a package with half the stuff I have.

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