I posted a link to a Warcraft Hunter’s Union piece that cited going Armor Penetration (ArP) was ideal after a certain gear point and it was giggled at. (What did you think I was going to talk about?)

Well, one of our guild’s hunters took this and ran with it (I think he’s always switched to dual wielding weapons for extra bonuses in this). This includes gemming for ArP, eating food that increases ArP (don’t ask me how that works) and using potions that increase ArP.

The result?

His DPS has stabilized and is much higher than it was before. Previously, he’s peaked at about where his DPS is now, but now it’s more reliably that number with the only exceptions to that being when he dies prematurely.

I’m going to have to take a look at doing this once I resolve my Hit Rating issue.

What Hit Rating issue?

Well, the hard cap is 8% (7% if you have a Draenai in your group) and I’m sitting at about 12% last time I looked. I might have dropped it a bit with a helmet switch I made (which was a step down gearwise) but I still have too much and a lot of options for replacing pieces. Once I get that squared away, I’ll start picking up gems for ArP.

But what you’re really curious is how I stack up against the guy with ArP?

I’m close in most cases. It was a getting to be a challenge previously (dude has the Saurfang trinket and no Hit Rating issue) but now, he’s more reliably high DPS.

Keep your fingers crossed that Zod’s or the trinket drops tonight…


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