Injecting a Little Chaos in the Raid…


It was really minor but the thought had occurred to me that it could cause problems.

What’d I do?

I named my pet after our raid leader’s real life name, “Jason”. Technically, we have three Jason’s in the guild and I really didn’t have any specific one in mind when I named my Hyena pet (PVP), “Jason”. I can admit there was some motivation because Jason (the raid leader) actually recommended it as a PVP pet since it was from the Ferocity tree and had a 50% snare that was on a 20 second cooldown (meaning it can fire a lot more than the Crab or Spider’s root).

Anyway, as you might have guess by the fact that I know we have three Jasons in the guild, we do tend to use real life names when talking in vent or guild chat. Well, that often creates a subconscious connection from the character name to the player name. It’s sort of funny how that works.

So when my pet named, “Jason” was almost dead, one of the healers panicked and started tossing a big heal on it while saying, “OMG Jason, you’re almost dead!” A little laughter ensued as people realized it wasn’t really “Jason”, rather it was my pet.

I admit, I considered naming the pet after the main tank’s character name but I wasn’t sure it would be allowed and I was worried it might screw up people’s macros where the closest applicable target appears to get selected.

I figure I’ll at least wait until my Inscription skill on my priest is high enough to create those pet renaming scrolls before I try that one…


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