Bad Luck…

I dusted off Lannister for a run through ICC10 yesterday. I had him go in as Ret spec (which was his main spec) and was delighted to discover there was only one other plate wearer present – a DK tank who was already sporting gear that was better than what would drop from 10 man.

Cool, I’ve a chance at getting Lannister some upgrades. Lannister’s gear is in a bad state since I’ve neglected him. He’s got a mix of T9, with some ICC dungeon drops and some drops that go as far back as Naxx. I’ve been using his EoF to pick up Primordial Saronite so I could get Smaken some boots made or just to make some cash.

His Prot spec set is much the same. T9 with ICC dungeon drops and Naxx trinkets/items (heck, he even has the trinket from AN heroic!).

Oh, and two drops from ICC10 – a cloak and a 2h sword.

Like I said earlier, awesome, I’m bound to get some upgrade for his miss-matched ass.

First drop was a cloak and a set of plate boots. PAWN (an addon that adds up the stats on the item based on weight assigned each bonus) said the cloak was better, though it was questionable because I got the cloak from the boat chest in ICC 10. People in vent said I was better off with the cloak I had so I passed it on.

The plate boots were just handed over to me and at first glance they looked like an upgrade. Okay STR, okay STA, two gem slots which, if gemmed, would push the STR bonus over what I had. Cool, I then realized all the other bonuses were MP5, spell power and haste.

Holy spec boots.


I handed those over to be DEed.

Most of the remaining drops were not plate or suitable for DPS other than a trinket that dropped off Saurfang which went to a Feral Druid – rightfully so since it was an upgrade and the character was his main.

We took out the lower spire and the two big plague guys, skipped Prof and tried Dreamwalker.

I don’t think I’ll ever be so lucky to have that sort of raid make up again – which wasn’t all that ideal really. hehe

I’m debating what to do with the Emblems of Frost Lannister picked up… do I hang on to them and work towards T10 set? Or do I pick up Primordial Saronite for selling because I know I’ll likely play my upcoming DK more?


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